Saturday, December 6, 2008

Just a quick one

Todays's FunFactor: whip cream in my coffees & teas! a delightful change for the season! Also fun: decorating continues- we now have the outdoors lights done & all the indoor trees are lit! Beautiful! Our neighborhood is lit up..... & so sparkly!
Everyday Adventure: I've decided to make one day a week a Fun day- this will be a day where i don't have any "have to's". I get to bake, play games with the family, watch a movie snuggled up with hubby, or just for loafing. I'll be posting later on how this works out!
I am sooo anxious for SNOW! I love all that weather(from indoors- sucks to drive in) and it makes the holiday feel right. I truly hate the green Christmas's we usually have. I remember , though, not too long ago when we had a beautious White Christmas.
I have just gotten back to checking some other blogs & i gotta tell ya- nothing I can say right now can compete with these lovelies "Towards a Greener Ham" "the danger of virtually living" "HOW YOU CAN SAVE TIMMY'S LIFE" "Is hunting/fishing a Good way to Feed your Family?"

Quite inspiring and thought provoking. I am also considering again deleting some of my blog posts. After signing up for Facebook and Myspace pages a few days ago, i am reconsidering what I want to remain "out there".
I have a few "friends" in those places who might be very offended if they were to run across certain posts.
anyhoo, nothing more of note tonight...Buenos noche!(spelling?)

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