Thursday, December 11, 2008

Jingle Fart

I have been reading "eat this, not that" ... a great book to tag along with you in the car, in case you actually HAVE to eat out at a chain restaurant. It also has a section for the grocery store. I like it. And i usually dont like diet type books because they're all the same. Of course, i may get bored with it, too.
I am having some major difficulties in my life right now. First....I am having a major farting problem.Do you know how it feels to have one rip loose in Yoga class without warning while doing down-dog?It was all i could do to not walk out in shame! so i did the next best thing and acted like i stubbed my toenail across my mat...

PPPHHHHTTT...(quick look around) "umm....oooww! that really hurt!"(while grabbing my big toe.)

Good thing I don't turn red when i blush!But if I least it's a dimly lit room.
So, I think they hardly noticed. Even if it was only 5 of us in the room.hmm...

Secondly, i am so sucked up into Facebook & Myspace since I signed on, it's taking me, like 2-3 hours to get to my real joy in life...this wonderful blog!

I do so love my blog!Celestial Stranger, you will uncover even deeper joys with time!

Third...after vowing to buy no gifts this year for christmas, i find that i may just do it anyway. There's just way too much fun to be lost with the shopping deficit! However, i promise to be frugal....and still make it priceless!

Today's FunFactor:pitching those unwanted dum dum's flavors with wild abandon! finally i am longer an anal retentive prisoner of the belief that i have to save everything.
Today's Everyday Adventure: Ummm...geeze, re-read the Yoga drama(above). Now, if that's not an adventure, i dont know what is!

Signing off......your flatulent friend


Anonymous said...

Whoa... I just stumbled across this blog. Can't even remember how I got here. Funny thing is my wife has had a real problem with the "vapors" lately AND she just got on Facebook this past week and said she was completely addicted. Which made me wonder???? But since you didn't mention scrapbooking and did mention personal resolutions... I knew it couldn't be her. LOL

Good luck going into next year!

Celestial Stranger said...

So I am having problems posting comments for some reason, so here it goes again. I know you will pass your clinicals because your one of the smartest people I know. Worrying probably helps you study more though, so in light of that I suppose it is a good thing. Thanks for your support about my mom.

nirvana diva said...

yeah, sorry -not your wife. I hate scrapbooking. and my personal resolutions were listed previously but i bet they 're not even close to your wifes!lol!

Anonymous said...

HAHA, I needed a good laugh!!


nirvana diva said...

glad my butt can still entertain!hough not in the same way as it did when i was young!