Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Here's to leaving it all Behind!

FunFactor:For anyone who has a fat. lazy cat...please click here:
I like to watch this when i myself am feeling like a lazy bloated calf, which is fairly often. This time of the year is especially hard on us cookie monsters!
So, let us catch up with the events of this blessed month.
1.My daughter is still living with us , thankfully, but she has just enlightened me of her possible future plans to move out before graduation. Why on earth would someone in her position do such a thing is beyond me. She has school til July. Now that her tuition is paid for she could focus on other things like saving for a better car. The one she has stalls & needs a new alternator. If i was staying in a place where all my needs were met for free, and i was going to school, i certainly would milk it as long as possible. Kids!
She's also been doing her fair share of dating & bar hopping. I encourage her to go have fun and enjoy the single life for awhile. But i cant imagine what would happen if she had to pay for an apartment, or share one (again) with a roommate before she graduates.I have a feeling her priorities would change for the worse under the pressure(peer & financial). Most of her friends are barflies and tempt her to go out pretty often.
2.Next : my son....just wrecked another car. We took away the license and are selling his car.He now has to find rides to work until he can pay his debts off , save for another car, and get his own insurance. This will take time, if it ever even happens. But for now, he's juggling two jobs, school and a senior project while still trying to have a girlfriend and some bit of social life. As much as he ticks me off, i feel for him. Life is difficult at best. I wish he wouldnt have screwed up so young.
3.Another subject: My brothers ex is still around and somehow now the stakes are higher. I cant publish the real deal on here, in order to protect his confidence. But at least i did get a sincere apology from the girl (albeit on Facebook).And I still believe in the use of condoms...amen!

4.This month all total there were three car wrecks :besides my son, there was my mothers and a friends. I am still counting my blessings that no one was hurt or killed.Another friends mom attempted suicide , my daughter had unexpected surgery, there was the holidays and my own grappling with the potential loss of half of my husbands current income in the New Year.

(I'm gonna take a brake here and insert my Everyday Adventure .Today after hectic rushing around during rush hour my 2 kids and my sons girlfriend were stuck in traffic for almost an hour. The thing that got us through was a Cd of "the best of the Culture Club". the music is so upbeat and yet familiar, we were all bobbing our heads , singing along and joking instead of griping. In the mist of all the chaos, adventurous merriment was found. )

More, for less.

I think over all i handled this month fairly well. In true human form, i did vent a normal amount. And i thank my freinds for listening.I'm ever so grateful for the love & grace i've been given .

I want to close out this year tomorrow by listing all of my blessings, including the changes i've made to find a more fruitful & simple life.I'm still on my journey, and i'm still a student of the universe. But i fell i've made some progress.
And one thing still rings true.The best things in life are free. You betcha!

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