Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A Down Home Christmas

Just sitting here listening to the sickening repetitions of a zillion christmas songs on the radio. It's officially Christmas Eve and I sit here at work, while my family sleeps away at home.
Tomorrow promises to be a day full of Adventure!We will all be going over to my mom's for a sub ring, soup, and chips. Maybe we'll even watch a movie!And chat!. My son & i will stay over & have Christmas morning breakfast. Yup, i'm livin' large!
Merry Christmas Everyone..& remember your FunFactors:
1. Eat everything you can, calories do not count on Holidays.
2.wear the loudest , most obnoxious, and outdated Christmas sweatshirt you can find. Those pics will be such a source of good times for your future generations
3.take pictures of others eating. they will thank you later when you show them to prospective dates, employers , and clients.
4.If you are serving dinner at your home, this is the time to celebrate summertime with lots of fresh tropical fruits, punch,ice cream ,etc. be sure to use paper plates for authenticity.ask guest to wear bathing suits and grass skirts.
5.when gift wrapping use lots of layersof newspaper and duct tape.notify everyone of your desire to use only recycled items for gifts as well. Green is in.Tell everyone donations will be accepted on their way out.
Have a good one!!!

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