Thursday, December 4, 2008

Disciplinary Diva

As a non-political minded person, this year had been a real bender for me. I am still in awe of the cult like obsession with our president.It's not that I dont like him. I am just scared for him. Anyway, i found this site purely accidentally (stumbled it) and was so thrilled and entranced by the views and oppinions here. Now this is the way politics should play...with equal comments on both sides and some in between...without rhetoric or sensationalism or advertisements. Hallelujah. Check it out. I was even so inclined as to comment myself.
Todays Funfactor:getting a Facebook page . And realizing again that in spite of it all everyday IS an adventure. With my kids, my husband and my very busy life. No one can tell me different. And if you arent married and dont have kids...well, so sorry'll have to find your own adventures, and they won't be nearly as wonderful.
Even when all is chaos, i am the eye of the storm.
Tonight, I got accused by a friend of taking my husbands side against my son. Let me explain that this week alone, we have found cigarettes in his car, he has broken curfew twice , and was late for his first training day on a new job(this inspite of the fact that he owes us hundreds of $ for car repairs). Then he got sarcastic and raised his voice to my husband who was in the process of trying to help him get his cable tv fixed. And the cherry on the top is the fact that he now has 2 "F"'s in school.
Now, overall my son is not a bad kid. He doesnt do drugs , drink, vandalize, skip school , steal, curse (in front of us),etc. He does hold a job, and is trying to get a better one.He really hasnt given us a lot of trouble in the past two years, except for laziness. But since his recent break up with a girlfriend of two 1/2 years...he's been teetering on the edge, and making some bad choices.
In order to reign in the chaos, we have to discipline. This is what keeps him from going further into a downward spiral.My husband just loses his cool at times. He yells, and gets overly dramatic..... and hence, i was accused of giving my husband "permission" to act /speak/ discipline the way he does.Not true. I really wish for someone to walk a mile in our shoes at times.
Oh, well, all is well anyhow at the moment. I just take one day at a time. And when the winds finally die down, i try to catch my breath....
And get ready for the next bout of bad weather.

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