Saturday, December 27, 2008

Dealings with a Neanderthal

Yep!That's me, cutting into a giant sub ring at my moms Christmas eve.For more photos, friends can find me on facebook.

And I wonder why i cant lose these 6 lbs that are driving me insane.

On to another subject I have been discussing with a friend for a few nights-my husbands idiotic attempts to be the "nice guy" at my expense.

For the last several weeks my husband has been acting like the "class clown" at our house to gain the attention and favor of my two kids. This would be fine except that he uses me as the focus of his humor , insisting on pointing out how i am this way or that and "isnt she like that? hahaha!"

In all honesty, i put up with it for a time or two without getting upset because i realized it was his way of "bonding" with my daughter when she first moved in.To this i said to myself "why couldnt you have bonded with her 6 years ago and why cant you choose a less immature way to do it?" oh well.

But lately , he has coralled BOTH of my offspring into the games, thinking that they are "siding" with him against me. Hence, hubs is the 'nice guy', andmom is the 'miserable' one for not joining in on the fun(of making fun of myself-?). I decided tonight to let him in on the fact that they are both just more scared of him than they are of me and that even in the animal kingdom survival necessitates submission to the "big dog".Of course , it's like casting pearls before swine. The cro-magnum understands none of it.

In fact , he insists that my children are now "coming to him" instead of me. The example he used was that my daughter told him about a humorous zit popping issue she witnessed and didnt tell me. Yeah, he's really the new "confidante" alright. Give me strength!

How does one handle these types of situations? I have been letting him target me over allowing it to progress to a new level of resentment towards my kids. I am hoping i can stick it out til next fall when they are both out.

All i can say is that if i should fail and explode at him before hand, i'll be sure to post from another address shortly thereafter. And all i can hope for him is that he will be able to open a can of soup all by himself, lest he starve without his kitchen maid.


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