Tuesday, December 2, 2008

CPNE studying!

This is my daughter with the cake we made together from scratch this weekend....delicious!

We also went to Yoga together tonight . I know I am sore & my daughter said she was, too. Thats what i get for slackin' off!

I've been studying my brains out tonight & watching demo videos online for my lab stations.I'm pretty amazed at all i am learning. I just hope i can get to my workshops and get a job in a place to practice much needed clinical skills. I will start looking in the paper tomorrow when my friend brings me the sunday paper.

At this point i'm looking for a place to practice IV's.I am fortunate this month to be able to practice IM injections....although I am sad for my patient to have to receive them!

This whole month in our household is tight for $. I'm a bit concerned about cash for the workshops , kits, and books i still need. But , in the spirit of wanting less, I have decided to check on some sites like ebay so i can get at least the kits & other resource materials at a discount.I priced a new diagnosis guide tonight & it was $40.00!!!

So , in light of this, i need to bid you adieu. The auction awaits!!

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