Friday, November 14, 2008

Wanted: A Frugal Mindset

Hundreds of Pine Cones in the trees!
A strange , eerie shape in the sand....

Waiting for ferry to Ocracoke

Spending less on a vacation with a less-than-thrifty mate can be exasperating. I want to just stay in or walk the beach & shell, or ride bikes,etc.While fishing was acceptable to me , we still had to spend $ on a reel/rod because my husband didnt bring one from home,planning to buy a surf rod for surf fishing. When we got here, he didnt "wanna go to the ocean by myself".I really am not patient enough to sit in chilly, windy, weather for a few hours at the crack of dawn watching him fish. I had planned on some actual alone time at the house reading , doing crosswords and surfing the web.Anyway, now we will have 2 (hardly used) fishing rods at home.

Additionally, now he is talking about buying all the gear for surf fishing, which , at best, will be used once a year on vacation.

I try to explain that it is wasteful and ridiculous to buy all that stuff for use once a year, kinda like buying kayaks. It would be easier and less costly to borrow them.

So, what is a Frugal Diva to do?I suppose i will continue with the following:

1. Frequenting thrift shops- i did actually convince hubby to take us to one yesterday where we spent $2.14 on a winter cap (for him to wear fishing on the dock in the rain & wind) and a Trivial Pursuit game(wahoo!-we played for 4 hours! and, of course, i won each time).My fav game.

2.Buying stuff at the $ store when i can- for instance, these places are great for gift wrapping stuff!!!

3.Using what i have , for as long as i can- clothing,etc. I make sure my pantry is all but empty before i shop for groceries and plan the next 2 weText Coloreks menu using up what' s still there. I buy classic clothing that wears well- like turtle neck sweaters, etc. I have a houndstooth jacket i've had & refurbished for about 20 years!

4.Making new aquaintances- yes, this too is a great help. Lending & borrowing, useful referrals to the best businesses, and invites to parties- all reap savings . Good deeds exchanged and helpful advice create good neighbors to lean to in rough patches as well.

5. Less impulse buying- hard to curb at times, but waiting usually yeilds better prospects and saves $ for better, more fullfilling things later on.

6.Watching our 401k's over the next 6 months- the market promises to remain volatile. a hawkeye will be beneficial. I say, follow your instincts and dont trust advisors, the government,etc. The people who will sink if you stop sinking $ into their funds.

So, those are some of the things i plan on doing. In spite of my spendy-spendy mate..i will do my best.P.S. Posting some more vacation pics......Having a great time overall!

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