Friday, November 7, 2008

A very boring post

Last evening I spent two hours with my mom & daughter at Disney on Ice (ice capades). Although the show was wonderful, it sucked that we got stuck being seated by persons taller than us & had to move a row back so we could stand to see.

Today, more preparations for vacation. We leave sunday morning at 3 am - i think.Maybe earlier. It's unclear as to whether I'll have decent internet service so i may or may not blog for a week. Besides, I figure I must be so radical in my views on things no one can take me for long anyway.
No worries. I'm not scared of being myself...or trying new things either.Most people are.
Like , for instance, i seem to be the only person around who isnt into Obama. But I think I'll have the last laugh on that one.

So there!!

More importantly...what a great week weather-wise! We've had our traditional "Indian Summer" in these parts and have had 70 degree days! I can only hope the weather at the beach is this mild.I did download the pics of my house , as promised earlier , for the before(left) & after(right). My mom, whom I have never been able to get approval from on anything, asked me if I was cleaning, and said "is that why the furniture's away from the walls?" Ugh.

I have also included a pic of one of my two cats. This is Precious, the skinny one.

I have nothing of value to blog on right now, but you cant be a genius! Just kiddin'! ----Peace & Love

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