Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Vacation Relations

First...I get to wear these most of vacation! weeeee!
A large tropical tree...a palm, i guess, in neighbors yard

A beautious sunset on the sound last night.

Me ...all bundled up by the seashore.....still very cold down here (just like home!)
We talked with a nieghbor on a walk yesterday for about an hour . He was a very nice man, an old "hippie" who had moved down here with his wife in '84. We learned alot, some we didnt like .
We talked about things like the weather(the worst part of living here) and the devastating effects it can bring.
This wise man says" If you live here, you cant get attached to your things". It really made me think hard about a life where all of my stuff could be gone in an instant.There are lots of hurricanes, tropical storms and floods here.But, of course, this saying should be true no matter where you live.
But on the positive side, there is community here in this little town of Frisco. The people are friendly,and you sure cant beat the sunsets!
Everyday Adventure:Today i believe we might take the ferry to Ocracoke. There's something about a place where you can do that...everyday if you want(for free).And there's something about looking out the window and seeing boats and palm trees and cacti and a big , gorgeous , never- ending ocean.....right outside your door!
My FunFactor today: Checking out all the cute misc. coffee mugs left in the beach house cabinets for us to use. Some have funny little sayings, others are neat ,offbeat pics of beachlife, and still others are plain , but with different shapes, colors and textures.

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