Saturday, November 29, 2008

Traditions & Holiday shame....

The holiday proved to be very docile and passed with little fanfaire despite the expectations. My brothers' very, very young pregnant -with -twins girlfriend was sick with the flu and did not attend. We all had so looked forward to getting to know her.I had met her once awhile back when they first began dating. It caused quite a scandal(well.... with my mom) when it was revealed she was with child. But she seems nice enough, albeit a little naive.
My daughter is now actually moved in. She is feeling better and went to the gym(mostly observing)and to get groceries this week. She has also helped out a bit (lightwork) around the house. I must say, though, having her there sure puts a new spin on things.We were actually able to play a family game board last night!
Which makes me remember her childhood, which in turn brings me to thought about traditions.

1.In some families, it seems to be traditional at Thanksgiving to go 'round the table saying what you're thankful for. We never really did this at my moms, although we do it at my husbands parents.After dinner, the guys watch football, and this year the girls watched "It's a Wonderful Life" colorized in another room. This may become a tradition.
2.At my in-laws, the mom, sister & cousin helped serve dinner & put away dishes. I , for some reason, was excluded. But after a few attempts to help & being sent off to be with the guys, i figured it out. It was their "tradition".
3.When my kids were little, i moved around between boyfriends & lovers fairly often & we experienced a wide range of family traditions. Not only at thanksgiving, but year round.
Christmas Where would I begin?
4.Some have the family over Christmas eve. Others Christmas day. Some open all the gifts on the eve. We always only opened one. And when my brother & I were seemed our christmas eve gift was always pajamas(hmm...wonder who planned that!)In the morning, stockings were first.
5.When I was under ten we went around to different homes all day on Christmas Day. It was wonderful and we felt like we had 5 or 6 Christmas's!Now, it's just not practical to do this since some of the family is on the outs, others live too far away and there have been numerous divorces. Not to mention the economy & gas prices.
Speaking of which, how bout these gas prices??! At BJ's near us, it's only $1.65. Now, i know the financial players are saying this is BAD for our economy in the long run. But as long as i have no control over the prices, i'm not going to complain. It has really been a blessing since it comes at a time when i had a lot of unplanned excursions to the hospital.
So , i truly am grateful.
What I am NOT grateful for is hearing about the Walmart employee in Long Island.Shame on those people.What in the world has become of us as a civilization if we trample people to death in our greedy attempts to get a sale price at Walmart??Totally insane. We are not even as civilized as some third world countries . I am embarrased to be a human today.And to ignore emergency workers trying to help this poor employee???Every single shopper in that store should go to trial.
Enough said.

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