Friday, November 21, 2008

This year -The Real Gift!

I must confess.
I was reading blogs tonight before i posted, despite striving to come forth in virgin blogger mode.
But i have a valid excuse. I was trying to deflate my anger somewhat before posting so that the incredible amount of negativity I was holding did not spew forth. So I read a few posts concerning marital arguements , the economy, and a few "real" blogs (where i got some relief realizing that others out there still struggle with real-life issues).
Prior to this I had calmed myself in two ways. The first was healthy. I went to the gym and put on my prize-fighter attitude, beating my anger up with the free-weights. This always makes for a satisfying lactic-acid producing hangover! I felt sooo much better afterwards.Almost back to the serene being I prided myself on last night. Until I got back home, and again got into Battle Royale with my husband.
After that,I didnt even realize I was "stress-eating" till I was halfway through my candy stash. Even then, I knew I was going to need to continue, until I was sated emotionally.
Well, maybe this will give me some insight into the reasons some people are overweight.Seriously.
But, I digress....
As Thanksgiving is upon us, I will share what I am grateful for now.I am grateful that I got 2 CD's out of the above events. Since I was so angry, I bought a CD with most of the money in our savings, thereby preventing someone from getting into it and spending it again. My second CD was a music CD from a fellow Gym Rat who'd promised to burn some tunes for me after we spontaneously traded shuffles for our work-outs one night(ooo!a FunFactor!).So, I not only invested money, but also saved money. Sometimes, good comes out of bad.
On another Holiday note, one of the blogs i went to (my third stress relieving endeavor) made me think about choices for Christmas this year.Last year i decided I would start a tradition of staying over my moms Christmas Eve every year so we would both know & look forward to spending the Holiday as a family.No more decisions about who goes where.
This year, we are not exchanging gifts at all. Hallelujah! Goal accomplished.I have wanted this for years, believing it should be enough to spend time together as a family. That is a gift, a gift from God.(Goes along well with "wanting less, having more",huh?)
Many, many people in this world do not have this luxury.
We are still getting gifts for the kids. But hopefully someday future generations will see the blessing of family, not gift wrap-tearing, as Christmas.But ......this is a start!
And the yeast works through the whole batch of dough........


Secrets said...

"And the yeast works thru the whole dough" Now that is one of the more profound ideas of your blogging experience. Actually, one of the most profound things I've heard. Do tell that is an original and not copied!


nirvana diva said...

oh , well...umm . ..yup...i lifted it! i think the author was...oh,yeah--GOD??!!See the New Testament.

Secrets said...

Its funny, but I don't recall that. I've got to look it up.