Saturday, November 1, 2008

Self- Motivation-The Biggest Factor

Woohoo! I am now FINALLY eligible to take my CPNE ! That's the clinical needed for my RN associates degree.Man am i excited!In fact, I just spent 3 hours looking at related stuff i need to do (like workshops to prepare, the application, etc.) I AM STOKED!
Getting down to business.
Tonight I want to address something that has been extremely important to me over these past 2 1/2 years it has taken me to get to this place with my education(as well as in many other areas of my life.)
It's a little secret I call "Making a Commitment to Yourself".
Now, i know that this isnt a new idea or an especially interesting-sounding one. But listen to the words as you say them aloud slowly.Emphasize that last word. That is the key.
We all make commitments, all the time. A commitment to go to work, another to pay our bills, another to care for our children and spouse, or perhaps our own parents.We commit to other things that are more optional along the way, such as getting enough sleep , eating healthy, caring for pets, keeping our house clean.
But at some random time there comes a turning point and a decision of depth and motivation and true commitment needs to be made.
This is the time for the ultimate choice in something that could change your life.And it takes a deep and powerful commitment to YOURSELF to do it.
That is how I, personally, motivated myself through a self- study course to obtain my associates degree in nursing. And how I plan to continue on with my Bachleors and masters degree as well.

Before I took the plunge I was presented with the costs, estimated time of completion, study materials needed & other resources. I had to ask questions , not only of the sales rep., but also of myself, before I was willing to invest in this expensive, time-consuming endeavor:
  • Did I believe I would really , actually buckle down and study, like i needed to?
  • Did I have the time, the inner strength, the money & the "moxy" to make it worth it?
  • in short-Did I believe in myself?

Only after I could answer all of those questions (and a few others) did i sink my teeth into the program. It required more self- motivation than I ever thought, especially after meeting many others who had started and then given up or procrastinated, or even just failed for lack of conviction. Most just seemed like their biggest problem was lack of motivation.I heard so many times.."i'm going to finish someday, i just dont have the time right now" or " well, i thought i would do it when i first signed up, but then i just procrastinated and now i could kick myself because i paid out all that money for nothing".

Wow, I thought to myself, what a colossal waste of life and finances.But, on the up-side , it motivated me even more.

I made a plan and stuck with it. Each night i spent "x" amount of time studying before i did anything pleasurable ( like reading magazines or watching movies or surfing the net). And after i read all the material and started notes, I scheduled (& paid for) my test as a motivating timeline. During the countdown i took several practice tests from different resources, coversed with colleagues, did a little outside research(mostly for personal enrichment), and such. The day/ night before the test, i ran through notes one more time and made sure i got a good nights sleep and a good breakfast or meal right before. I never crammed or stressed (until i was actually on my way to the test center- but that was short-lived.)

That's it!! That was the simple plan that i stuck with . I made it work because i made it personal. I wouldnt allow myself to fail myself.After all, if i dont look out for me, who will?

This method has worked for me in soooo many other areas of my life. Leaving abusive relationships, quitting smoking, getting through nursing school, the purchases of 3 consecutive houses, leaving bad jobs ,etc.

It's not easy, and it's not for sissy's.

So I ask you,Do you BELIEVE in YOURSELF?


Connie said...

Wow!!!....Wow!!!! This is exactly the kind of thing I really needed to hear this morning. I mean that. I've been having some health issues and the only one completely responsible for me. Why? Because I lack that COMMITMENT TO MYSELF. When you spoke of really hit me. I'm committed to all that other stuff--but what about lil' ol' me?!?!

Thank you for sharing.

Plus, my sister-in-law, and an old roomate all became RN's...and I saw first hand the hell you need to trudge through to your acomplishment is no small one! Congratulations! You are an inspiration.

Peace & Love.

nirvana diva said...

Thanks for posting , Connie. I visit your blog a lot..great Halloween pics by the way!Yeah, it's a real pain in the patella getting through the RN stuff. But I'm 3/4 of the way there. Whatever your health issues, I am glad that i was at least able to say something of value for you.I'm not always that positive , but I am definitely a student of "life" as well!