Thursday, November 13, 2008

More Vacation Speak

This morning i am cleaning the oven here...yes, on vacation i am cleaning...i hate it! But someone left a spill in the bottom and it's been making me sick smelling it burn this week so i had to. also we have a slight ant problem which i am calling the rental company about today since we cant get it under control. oh's the only 2 negatives here.
Yesterday we did go on the ferry to Ocracoke. The weather was so great, we also took a long bike ride right before we left.
Today it's raining (we expected that) but the temp is really mild so we can actually use the screened in porch!Hubby has been fishing off our little dock but so far hasnt caught anything. Good thing we dont rely on the Hunter/ Gatherer theory....we'd starve!(p.s. yes, i know this is a behavioral psychological theory but what i mean is, if we were cave people and he had to hunt for our food...we'd be eating my berries ......)
I am compling a list of our expenses while we are here so as to compare with the June vacation. We have hardly spent anything....just food, gas and a fishing rod/reel.I had put back a $100 budget for books(secretly saved up at home for about 6 weeks)and so far have only used $11.34!!I love books....sometimes i just cant get enough!
This morning since it is raining i plan on spending sometime with my Yoga mat. I've been doing sporadic Surya Namaskar and some Balasana/Savasana. Also a great deal of back & forward stretch poses. But not any sustained practice.
I'm posting a few pics later today or tomorrow. I've been doing things differently while on vacation...posting in the a.m. ,watching a lot of movies with hubby, eating quite differently and i have hardly even picked up a pen this week!If you know me at all, this is HUGE! because i live & die by "the Lists " that i make everyday at home...
So, while hubby is still in bed and the oven cleans , i am going to go take an A.M. bath...ahhh....solitude!

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