Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Minority Wins

I am not an obama fan. I deleted a huge paragraph i had originally posted because it comes across as rude & offensive. So let me now continue with what i need to say.
I am not predjudiced against any one group of persons. I DO believe racism should be over with. So let's stop having these "special" groups and privileges for minorities (scholarships, funds,etc)If we are to truly become"ONE" NATION UNDER GOD, then stop segregating us.Why should we have to even check a box on a form stating which race we are?Why must we prove we are a certain race to get land, an education, or a job?
I DO believe that homosexuals should have the same rights as everyone else. But a marraige is a religious arrangement by definition. And those religions should have the right to preserve their beliefs as we honor "freedom of religion " in this country.A civil union can be had by any person reguardless of religious beliefs or otherwise. I am not Jewish, so i don't expect a Bar Mitzvah.I am not Catholic, so i don't take Confirmation.I am not a Muslim, a Hindu, or a Har Krishna- so i don't expect to celebrate or devalue their traditions by insisting they "do it my way now".It is wrong and disrespectful to everything freedom stands for.
I truly want change. I want a world where every person treats every other person with respect and dignity.Not just the white race. Not just men, or women. Not just heterosexuals.

EVERYONE!!!!-ya know, we can still be individuals, and express ourselves without stepping on each others toes.

In order to do that , we all have to participate. Stop taking advantage of the things offered only to specific races, genders or sexual preferences. Stop with the KKK rallies, Gay Pride parades, Women's Lib(it had it's place, but now let's just BE equal ),scholarships for only a specific race,etc. Do away with those old labels.
Lets' see real equality movement, and then maybe we will see real freedom , and real change.
P.s.- I am a white Christian woman , by the way. So if you have any gripes, comments, insults, etc.- here i am- have at it.

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