Thursday, November 20, 2008

Leany,Meany Yogini

I am back to my Yoga class tonight.
After a week on vacation , i had skipped 4 sessions and boy did my hamstrings feel it!
While i did spend some time in practice while at the sound, as well as a few bike rides & walks, my body knew...deep down ...that i was being pretty lazy. Tonight was payback!
Additionally, i ate like a pig whilst on my sabbatical, but amazingly i gained no weight.
Yup, let me say it again.
I stop watching what i eat, stopped looking at a scale daily, and didnt exercise and (gasp!) the world did not end.
So now, i can put it all in perspective.
I realize fully that I am getting bored.
My new plan is to continue Yoga at the gym , where it is free, for the time being twice per week. But instead of burning my self out before loving my mat, i'm gonna lift weights on 2 or 3 of the other nights so that i can really focus on the intent of each session.
In the future, i will be gathering some info. on local Yoga studios. I know they cost more, so i will be chewing on the pros & cons for awhile before jumping in.
Some strangeness has come into my life these past 2 weeks with odd illnesses in the family, and many unexpected and sad events. A freinds mother attempted suicide. My daughters father might have a brain tumor, another freind had a car accident, and an estranged friend left a message on my cell.A whole lot of other minor clamor has also ensued .
Seems like its all"swirling" around me.
It's in times like these I realize how much calmer I've become in dealing with the stressors. I cant help but believe that , on some level, even the short amount of time i have spent incorporating Yoga into my life has helped make this difference.
Whenever these moments strike, the initial drama/emotion has become shorter in duration and then comes a floating, serene-like way of handling it. In the moment.
Not dreamy, or laid-back, or care-free. Just different, and hmmm....easier.
I'm gonna bask in this as long as possible!

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