Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Homesick? Staycation!

Just got home yesterday from vacation. Spent time unpacking and pondering on the events i left behind. It's interesting how a week away from home makes you realize some of the stuff you miss!
#1...i really missed my Keurig coffee! i have apparently gotten so spoiled by that perfect cup from the coffee "pods"that the regular coffee maker (by the carafe) tasted sort of like muddy water while i was here, even with the bottled water we used. Yes, we sort of had to use bottled water since the place had no water filter.

#2....i also missed my pets. While walking the neighborhood we encountered so many friendly dogs, saw a few cats and even a horse! Talking with one of the locals about how she uses only holistic treatments for her 5 dogs (accupuncture, herbal/supplement injections) made me think about my own pets at home.

#3...i missed the smell of my clean , fresh linens. There's nothing more welcoming than coming home and sliding into cool fresh, just from the dryer sheets. Next time i will make SURE to check the bed size in the master bedroom at the beach house we rent before leaving. We spent the nights on a mattress pad since it was a king size bed, and i only brought queen sheets!

#4....i really missed my son , who stayed behind this time to go to school. My mom stayed over with him to keep an eye on him. I always miss him when i'm away,but this was our 1st vacation without him in 4 years. It felt weird!

There's alot to be said for "staycations" now and my husband and i are considering one or two for next year. Honestly, i kinda feel like i've had too much vacation this year. Staying at home may be our best bet and a real savings.The idea has been to research the outer banks for a future move there (5-10 years). So far the job market and weather are the two biggest negatives. We need to keep the purpose in sight.
After all, why move to the beach if you are going to live in an overpopulated area just to be near your job, and why work endless hours at a job you might hate just to live close to the beach? these are just some of the considerations.
But grandchildren will certainly factor in, if that happens in the next 5 years...will keep ya'll posted!


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