Tuesday, November 25, 2008

First Things

Brought my daughter home from the hospital today. At age twenty three, she had to have her tonsils out. This was a weekend of a lot of "firsts" for her, as she pointed out. First surgery, first time under anesthesia,first overnight stay at a hospital....etc. We talked a bit about how "firsts" are a good thing. Otherwise we wouldnt be alive...
We need that"first breath"
We need those "first steps"
We need those "first words"
This is the kind of thing one doesnt usually think about daily, but their importance cannot be overlooked. Rather than sounding off like a typical self help blog. I'd like to share a few of my "firsts" and maybe get you reminiscing about your own.
  • Can you remember the first time you saw fireworks? I remember watching them at local carnivals with my cousins growing up. We ate funnel cakes and sat on blankets.
  • How about the first time you went on an airplane?I was on a 4 seater Cessna with my two kids belonging to a pilot i was dating. My son was so excited i thought he was just gonna die! As a bonus, we just happened to be flying over several places setting off fireworks.
  • Do you remember your first cotton candy? I was about five and thought my grandmom was tricking me into eating cotton...it took me about 10 minutes before i gave in, fully expecting to be made a fool of!We were at a circus and ,weirdly, i only remember that and not any of the acts.
  • Speaking with my daughter, i had to think back to my own first overnight at the hospital. It was for the same reason...tonsils out.I was 11.
All these firsts made me really reminisce..my first jeans, my first love, first kiss, first boat ride, even my first computer!
At any rate..it made for a great FunFactor tonight. I think it will be lovely having my daughter with me.Will be posting on her moving back in with me.This oughtta be interesting!!

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