Saturday, November 22, 2008

Dont ya just love My New Look?

I 've been called a shrimp before, but this is ridiculous!lol...
I'm at a fairly new case tonight, one that i was switched to without being asked first. And of course,Murphy's Law being prevalent in my life, an adult is sleeping on the floor in the room in which I must stay with the child.Joy.
This...after another Blow up with my husband right before i left tonight for work....again.
Reader, please tell me how is it I can get blamed for something my son does when I am not even around to witness or prevent it?I'm not talkin about bad manners, or having a messy room, or some life lesson-type stuff that i should have taught him but didnt.
I'm talking about this, for instance....My son decided to drive his car while i slept. My husband says "why did you let him drive?". When i say i was asleep..."you should have taken his keys".Mind you, he is not grounded or being punished, so he didnt drive without permission.He just was told not to drive in inclement me, twice this day.My thought- why didnt he take the keys????
When my son wrecked the other car, i was at home..asleep.( I sleep during the day - since i work at night .)..Yet, I was blamed because i "coddled"him too much.Where does that even come into the picture, i ask you?
For some unknowable reason , my husband always blames me for my sons choices, whether it's his schoolwork issues, whatever girl he is seeing or dating, why he does or doesnt go to work, it has no end.
Yeah, I guess now I have officially crossed over into venting. Sorry. I am just so darned frustrated ......

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