Sunday, November 23, 2008

Check out The Sneeze

Ok, in spite of myself, I have decided , in fact, to blog tonight.Briefly.
In spite of doing battle with my spouse for 3 days straight. And just having a week worthy of being featured in LifeSucks Magazine.

I decided tonight to give you one of my great StumbleUpon finds!(Secrets- you already got it first ,you lucky devil!)
I laughed so hard i just wet myself(figuratively) when i came upon this one & got sucked in for FOUR HOURS! Check it out: sure you scroll down the right sidebar to "Steve, Dont eat it!"(if you get routed to the main page )---thats the best!! But also i cried (tears of joy)over "Cheap-as Cereals" and some of the thoughts on the Tree Brain.
This is my kinda guy!
I also have found some new blogs i like and have been into lately, although not for humor. I've posted them on my sidebar under "Other Original Thinkers".These are more for inspiration,etc.
Also, i was finally able to download & transfer all of my pics to a disc & have freed up some space on my computer. So i now have to take new pics and have no images to post really.
You'll all just have to suffer.
Sorry so short, but time marches on!
Peace out.....

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