Monday, October 13, 2008

Yurts & 7 low-cal Yummies!

These are Yurts! The fabulous sustainable housing i have been researching. Go to the link below for more info.

Another area i want to get into soon is Hydroponic Gardening. I heard about this first from a massage therapist in Vermont.Sounds like a great idea...ahead of its time even!There are two Funfactors i wanna talk about quick.

Remember letter-writing? I write letters to my dad every week or two instead of calling. Most of us have gotten away from "snail mail" with the advent of email & cell phones. but there's something juicier about getting a looking forward to sitting down to read in a private moment. And writing back means you get to use cool stationary or witty cards! such fun!The other thing that makes me dizzy with sighs is reading poetry aloud . This is a great thing between friends. We did some of this while camping and i look forward to doing it again. I used to do this with my kids and once in a while with a lover.I love the dramatics and flair with which one can embellish the words...the absolute flight and delight of creating character and feelings from only a page . Try it!

I am compiling a list of my favorite low calorie treats. I am always looking for ways to get back to pure foods, but also i love the low calorie foods i discover along the way that fill me up and satisfy. These are hard to come by and i put a lot of time into finding them. I know there are so many others (like popcorn sans butter) but i am just not fond of them. Here's my list:

1.Homemade soups. I like to take a packet of prepared chicken broth , cut up chicken tenders and some steamed vegs and put them all in a bowl. It's so easy to also steam the chicken in those handy steamers bags so the whole meal might take 10 minutes and its fresh as can be. When i want a creamier soup, i just put the vegs in the food processor & puree before adding to the broth.

2.Rolled Gold honey wheat pretzel sticks. These are really the tastiest pretzel. They are also usually on sale at my local Giants. Only 120 calories for 10 sticks!

3.Liptons cup a soups- i adore the creamy chicken, but spring vegetable & chicken noodle arent bad. Since they only take a minute to nuke, there's no excuse not to enjoy one any time your getting that nagging hunger pain.45-60 calories/cup.

4.Lite cool whip- 25 calories /tbsp-- goes great with the next item(s).

5,.The best fruits- berries, cherries, grapes, melons and oranges. Stay away from bananas. They are loaded with sugar and have more calories than most other fruits. They are strictly for when you havent eaten much that day or your other choices are worse.

6. Arnold's brand sandwich rounds- awesomely soft, great tasting and only 100 calories for the whole thing. I like to make sandwiches with sugar free jelly and homemade nut butter, Hummus is a great choice too---only 50 calories per svg.

7. Hummus - again. Try is scooped over hot vegetables for an instant cream sauce.Comes in many flavors, but i like original best.

And, there you have it , folks, my list of favorite treats that dont add to your waistline. Well, hardly.And since i am in quite a humorous mood i am giving you this gift of laughter. Oh, please do go here. i didnt get it at first but when i did, i was a puddle.

happy, happy/joy, joy!

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