Tuesday, October 7, 2008

This will bore you to tears

I have noticed that my blog lately is not up to par with it's original intent.
I have no qualms admitting i am imperfect and that this blog is also an outlet for my deranged mind.And i want to rant for a minute.I am so very angry at myself for having almost no sense of humor lately. But i have been sick and studying and tired at night for some reason. And i just cannot focus like this.
please pity me.
ok, i am done.Back to the original intent thing....
so, I do want to re-connect with the person i once knew(back in my 20's) -the one who had a dream of living off the land, driving a volkswagon beetle(the old-style) and making my own furniture. I at least did the driving of the beetle for awhile.This person not only wanted less, she had less.An efficiency apartment, void of furniture,and a fridge full of nothing but scallions,lettuce & dip.
So, i am going to develop a plan for having a garden. Mother Earth News talks about having a garden using only bags of soil and planting directly in them. There was also a write-in from someone who had been re-using the same bags for 7 years! Impressive. There's a lot out there for those who want to live a sustainable lifestyle.I really don't have a desire to make my own furniture anymore ,though.
What to grow, what to grow.....I think ,maybe 3 things i know i use a lot of -peppers, squash, and green beans. My neighbor has corn, so maybe we could exchange.
Enough about that. With illness, my blog -writing is suffering. I cannot seem to be very creative right now and i apologize.
This weekend, my mom & i are going to visit a beautiful mountain park. I used to visit this park frequently in my twenties and took my daughter to it all the time. Over the years a lot has changed there. I remember when my daughter was 3 there was a HUGE wooden fort there. She would get lost in this thing -that's how big it was. And i would get lost trying to find her!The last time i was there, sadly, the fort was gone. At least we have our memories.There are (still ,i would hope)also humungous boulders that we would climb on. and some pretty cool trails to walk. I have'nt been there for about 8 or 9 years. I can't wait to see what changes have taken place.
I am also looking forward to leaf collecting, as i missed doing this on the camping trip. Seemed like there were not that many pretty ones on the ground at the time. So we will see.
wish me luck my fairweather friends and i'll be back soon renewed & refreshed i hope. Until i have soemthing to say, i will refrain from burdening the day. But i must leave you with this link at least.http://www.dumblittleman.com/ to keep you entertained for a few days....lol!Namaste!

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