Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Economy, U.S. Documents, and Nighttime Blessings

So, today i finally received my(ordered) pocket size copy of the Declaration of Independence and The Constitution of the United States. Looks like a wonderful little book to peruse while waiting for appointments or when i'm on hold or even in line somewhere.And given the state of our nation, I hope that each & every one of you are familiar with the actual content of these two very important documents.
We do an awful lot of waiting in this world. I once read a statistic that we spend over 50% of our lives "waiting"- in line, etc.At least this way i am being constructive. Until i take my test, though i have a key ring with index card study notes to review.
Todays Everyday Adventure: At about 7:30 pm i went down to take my Dalmation for a walk since she'd been steadily whining for a half hour. But alas, as with so many nights lately, she didnt want to walk. So i threw my hands in the air (again) and decided to take an hours walk anyway, alone, in the gorgeous night air. As i weaved in & out of cool & warm patches and looked into the cotton-pulled night sky, viewing a perfect reflection of a beach up above, i was reminded that you don't have to go far away to enjoy the most magnificent things. Most of them are right where you already are . I saw the full moon circled by a "night sky rainbow".I heard the orchestra of locusts playing loudly for all to hear. I smelled the raw and heady scent of a neighbor burning wood. I felt the alternate chill and warmth of our earths atmosphere - a cloak about winding all about me.I truly enjoyed my walk and intend to enjoy as many as i can this year before it gets too cold.
And todays Funfactor has to be discovering theater classics. I am finishing up Fiddler on the Roof tonight.So far it seems like a pretty good story, especially for coming out in the 70's.
I never used to appreciate the classics (except cult classics) like i do now. Does this mean i am getting old? No comments about aging like a fine wine either!!!
Also tonight i've been digging into research on our 401k's. I shouldnt have depressed myself so.My husband and i have lost collectively about $8-9,000.00 of our hard earned money this year. I switched my allocations to a bond fund and contributions to 0% last month. I still lost money. Now i have to show my husband his losses. He will be p*ssed. But , thanks to corporate greed and power hungry politics, we have all lost money. I cannot imagine the distress of those who are actually using or close to using their nest egg. They must be devastated. See why i don't vote???WASTE OF TIME!!!Those guys/gals can say anything they want before the obligation to make good on promises after. What a lark. Sounds eerily similar to Central Asian politics to me.
That being said....just for posterity, i'd like to work on a campaigne for one of these slimeballs one of these days. Just to say i did it.
I was very productive today and got many things done i'd been putting off. I printed out lists and online stuff i'd saved for months in Favorites.Now they can be deleted and if my computer crashes i have copies of documents & passwords. Man, the fear of losing all that info in one fell swoop hit me like walking into a steam room accidentally !!I feel better now.
Well, back to checking out the other blogs folks.....hope you've enjoyed the post-- useless, as always.....Keep Smilin!!!!

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