Thursday, October 23, 2008

Regaining Focus

This is the first time I am posting in the morning...right after i woke up! Hallelujah for "firsts".
Todays Funfactor(s):
1. Way too much creamer in my coffee...Yum!
2. Dippin stuff in melted chocolate throughout the day ..fruit, pretzels,etc.
3.redesigning my living room for winter coziness...watching movies together snuggled up under a blanket,sippin soups or hot chocolates....heaven!.....and
4.Thinking of new subjects to blog about.I've gotten away from the purpose of the blog. My original intent was to improve my ife through gradually decreasing the things that were/ are myself, to family, to the environment and to the spirit of others in the world. I have definitely NOT been that beacon of light.

I am still learning.
Sorry to be such a negative at times.

Anyhoo...This is another step to breaking out of that box. Trying something new each day. Even a small thing. Sometimes it can change your whole perspective.

Todays Everyday Adventure:Taking my husband out for his Birthday. We hardly EVER eat out so this will be a real treat. Although i don't care for his choice of restaurant, i plan to check the menu online first so i can find a healthy meal to order.I hope.

Last night, again we walked the dog late at night. I am in love with the night sky. The clouds, stars, fading horizon colors and , of course , that gorgeous moon.I find myself (in my old age) spending more & more time gazing into the galaxy, marveling at its beauty , the immensity, and God's glorious and unequaled paintbrush.Amen.

So, please send any of your desires for blog topics to me via comments below or email : Nirvanadiva then...i'll keep trying!

Love & Blessings!

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