Friday, October 24, 2008

Recognizing the Good

For some reason, after being so cleverly and utterly focused all day, i am in a fog tonight.
Perhaps this is so due to all the major cleaning & clearing & organizing and decluttering i did since 8am.
But no matter what i tried this past hour, i cannot even focus on a single paragraph in a blog. Did i use up all my focus superpowers?
hmm.. i'll have to look into that.
Tonight on my OWN blog , however, the focus is ME,ME,ME! So that's easy enough. Clearly.
In lightof recent depression over the economy & losing $10,000.00 of our hard earned dinero this year....
I was just considering some of the good moves i've made this year :
1. I bought the HONDA, instead of the much more generic and undertested Prius, or the over priced, worse on gas, also undertested CTS.
2.I made lots of new realizations about myself, including some things i'm not so happy about (like not being able to give up bottled water, and that i have a mean streak in me towards the overweight) . I am working on this negative side of me, i promise!
3.I started this blog and have been merrily discovering my inner technophile.
4. I have successfully handed over the bill stress to hubby and lived to tell about it.
5. also on the finance issue- have stuck to our savings plan and are still paying down the debt without accumulating more .Even with my sons car issue and gas prices and the economy.
6.I finished ALL of my nursing tests!!!!!
7.I have cleaned up a huge deficit in my diet, and added even more healthfulness to it!
8. Although it seems i have no freinds at times( well, in fact i only have a few)-the friends i do have are awesome!

There are lots more things but thats all my brain can fathom right now.How bout you guys? What fabulousness has been yours this year?What new things have you tried? what has worked? hat hasnt?Do tell!

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