Monday, October 27, 2008

Memory Lane

I have spent over an hour reviewing past posts.

I have added a new side bar with video clips for all of my adoring readers.

I have added tags to my posts.

Yes, this is how i waste my nights now that i have no studying to do.

Actually , as my friend and colleague brought to my attention tion, i have a 600 page study guide i need to be looking at and memorizing over the next 6-9 months. But with that kind of timeline, who can get motivated? Yup, i guess right now i'd rather be reading useless blogs & watchin' Youtube. I am pathetic.

I have , however been spending some time in ponderance of childhood memories. Which has been productive because,when you really think about it, at least i believe, that the main reason we have memory power is to actually learn from our mistakes, or just learn something in general.

For instance...when we fell off our bikes we learned to use the brakes. When we smelled old aunt Hildeguardes bad breathe it prompted us to tend to our own oral hygiene more(or risk offending that special someone we hoped to impress).When we woke up with a hangover we learned...ok, so maybe we never quite learned what we should have. But we still aquired knowledge,and almost all experiences talk deep into our futures-literally & metaphorically.

One of my earliest memories is being a real brute toward my brother & cousins. I always had to be the boss.Because i was the oldest, naturally. Things always had to be done my way. So early on i learned that it was good to be king.I've never really outgrown this, but now i prefer to be called "Princess" instead.Nicer ring to it.

Many memories have really had an impact on my life now. A huge one being my mom saying(and to my utter disbelief at the time) that one day i would want to, and in fact, enjoy taking a bath.She also made an impression with note- leaving. I've definitely been stricken with that wonderful habit(cough, cough). I am the queen of noteleaving.

I also have a memory of getting into a fight with another girl over a guy. I learned not to turn my back on small people(she was on the borderline-dwarf mark).

And while these may be slightly humorous memories, there are other not so funny ones that have both humbled and jaded me.Like times when i have ran my mouth without thinking and regretted it later. The abusive relationships i stayed in too long. Custody battles,my childrens illnesses , getting over terrible insults, days of living in poverty, etc. The list could be endless. And each & everyone has taught me both good & bad things.Overall i'd say theres a very good reason for memories.

I tend to bask in the ones that make me laugh, or sigh,or feel good about myself.How bout you?


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