Wednesday, October 1, 2008

mahna mahna-lol!!
gotta watch this!!! it will make your day! i laughed & watched again & again...can't beleive this is still out there...thanks to Treehouse Jukebox (sidebar) for finding it!
i am unable to figure out how , at this time to get it to come up directly onto my blog. i guess i'm just techno-ignorant.
But i am going to follow the Q.T.I.P. on this one---"quit taking it personally". i will just think about sliding thru the water over the rocks at one of the falls this weekend instead.exhilerating!nothing like mother nature.
I was reading today about overpopulation & how maybe we should get tax breaks in this country for small families. This idea is that large families(in general) contribute to overconsumption. Hmm...tell me what you think.i wanna post this & get back to working out some blog off!

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