Thursday, October 16, 2008

Leviticus-take that!!

Ok, now for my mundane existance.I need to rant about two things tonight, and you can hate me later and kiss my grits if you are a hunter or a fan of never , ever having a quiet, here goes.....

As i travel to work each night, generally around 10-11pm, partially in some rural areas, i tend to see a boatload of deer. More than i have ever seen in previous years anywhere.And i am scared.
Scared that one will hit me, damaging or totalling my new car. Or that i will hit the deer-- setting off another year of depression over killing or maiming a poor helpless animal that didnt purposely damage my car.But i deal with it. Because it is the human who has invaded their living space, not vise-versa. And because they dont come after us with guns.

So, in addition to having to watch for the path of these critters, i have had to also deal with deer "spotters". Most of these murderers are already on my black list, but why is it that they feel that they own the right to just "stop" in the middle of the road and make others go around them , just so they can see how many potential victims they might prey upon at a future date?Its is RUDE and unnecessary and a potential safety hazzard. I dont need any further distractions while driving at night in the country. And i wont even listen to any one of them tell me they are preventing travel accidents by killing them. If i was to go around killing drunk drivers with that excuse i know where i'd be. Not at the rifle range, or drinkin beer at a lodge with my buddies!

On to rant #2.....Noise pollution. Now, in my neighborhood, this is not an issue. (although one i used to live in was definitely in this category)No, i am talking here about senseless noises-- like that of a t.v. drawling on & on for hours, or the need to have the radio on everytime one takes a shower,or does some menial task outside, or is driving in the car. Yes, i am talking about none other than the fam.They both violate my delicate sense of quietude almost everyday with the need for constant noise.
I have nothing against listening to good music . Or watching the occasional tv show(although i only indulge in that via my computer once a week ). But since i share a bathroom with my husband and my sons bathroom is a thin wall away from our bedroom, i can get pretty indignant about my golden silence. what to do, what to do. And throwing the equipment in the trash isnt an option. There'd be mutiny.I guess i'll just keep whining.
On a more positive note i was still researching hobbies last week when i came across "rice sculpture".Hmmm...i thought,filing it away to check on later. well, i checked on it tonight.It's funny how we have one idea about something and the reality is so different. Instead of being sculpture made out of rice like i was thinking(i know, laugh all you want) it seems that this is actually the name of two or so sculptors whose art is a collectable. Go figure. there was, however, a site about a guy who inscribes art on grains of rice. But i already knew about that.So i guess i will just give myself a giggle & keep lookin out for the unusula hobby.
ok, i better go before my blog stops saving itself and i lose all of my terribly informative post.
hope i made ya either think or laugh or at least gave you something to do for 5 minutes....Blessings!!!


secrets said...

I couldn't agree more with you about the deer hunters, but instead of shooting drunk drivers (great idea) why not just shoot the deer hunters. Shouldn't the hunter become the hunted?


Anonymous said...

And then we could have an overpopulated deer population starving or dying of blue tongue.

Great idea!!

Boy you folks scare the daylights out of me. Try spending some time learning about nature sometime.

nirvana diva said...

sorry, i didnt realize guns grew on bushes in nature .also i wonder how "overpopulated" the deer would be if we hadnt so "overpopulated" their home with paved roadways, factories, and housing developments.