Friday, October 17, 2008

La Pura Blogger

Well, another day in margaritaville....I got into a senseless arguement with my sons father but i am proud to announce that , i was able to maturely blow him off without resorting to the equal or lesser behavior of a kindergartener.
Also, in similar mature fashion i finished reading the declaration of independence today & started the constutution.Interesting now. Boring beyond tears in high school.
And so tonight i must admit to reading other blogs before i posted. But only because i forgot. Not for inspiration. I want to keep sacrificing myself up masochistically without being coached or cheating you out of the essence of my true character.
as i checked out the "others" today, i did notice a recurring theme. Most of them offered something of value to the reader. DONT WORRY! you wont find that here. You are safe from being attacked by helpfulness....Although i , personally have to use these self-help tools...and i don't mind refering you to them.You can check out my blog roll on the right side bar.I do change & update this as i see fit. this is my way of saying
"Yes, it is ok to be unfaithful ...."

I love that other bloggers take on this crucial responsiblity to inform us, help us, make things better for us. and , in effect, leave all the fun stuff for ME!
Like finding random humorous sites to torture you with!Ha!

But seriously, i have only so much advice to offer. At least genuine, writer tested & experienced advice. There's just tooooo much out there i am not an expert at. But if i get some reader input about what they want...well, maybe i'll try a bit harder. Til then , you get raw, live coverage from the homefront.
I didnt get to stumble yet so here's something actually useful Thanks wisebread!

Continuing to report the news as it happens.....over & out!

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