Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Keepin it Real- Again!

Hooray! i just finished my first practice test for the test i'll be taking in about a week. That test will be my final one before i can sign up for clinicals. It's been a long time coming. A colleague of mine will be finishing at about the same time....Kudos to us both, Sandy!We're almost there!
Today was a busy day for me overall- lots of errands and then the tan/gym/yoga thing.I started thinking about several things in relation to this "busy-ness".
First of , in keeping with my vow to "keep it real" on this blog i need to re-address my decision about watch- wearing. I have decided that i must wear it to & from work due to the whole practicality issue(i.e.- digging in my bag to find it when i need to do my assessments vs. the time saved by already having it on, especially if i walk in on a crisis situation.)So, i will only relinquish it to my bag when i'm "off the clock".
Secondly, on a deeper level, i am still evaluating the effectiveness of my overall weekly schedule and the purposes of my daily actions.Now, if this sounds like a mouthful, thats because it will require me to decide if it will be better to stick with my current structure( practical, efficient, but in some need of re-organization) or a change of venue to get outside my comfort zone. This might mean taking a new class at the gym, going in an additional day or maybe changing up my routine there in some other way.
My point being here is that in order to experience La Pura Vida (and i DO believe this is entirely possible without fleeing the country or moving to some remote location) I want to make sure that i am acting with intent, and "being here now" - at least to a degree.
At the present, i am not as deeply entrenched in the new age stuff as some, or even as much as i used to be in my twenties. I'd like to get back there but with a much higher level of maturity and wisdom.It is difficult to explain my position , except to say, i'm kind of"in the middle" when it comes to spirituality, and so i make compromises to some extent.
There are those who really jump off the deep end with things and, at times, this disturbs me greatly. Usually , these types are very young (late teens to early 30's) and may possibly come from a dubious background of sorts.While i don't begrudge anyone their choices ( in anything- politics, faith, fashion, lifestyle) i can get pretty turned off when i hear someone spew out stuff like " i am subconsciously delving into an alternate plane of reality and getting in touch with my deeper self to radiate a global love and compassion for the life of our planet"...blah, blah, blah.
I mean- do these people really believe what they're saying ? Can they hear what this sounds like to others?Can it be that they are indulging in an LSD fantasy of some sort that others cannot possibly comprehend? Please- spare me.
There is a way to explore your spirituality without coming off like a burnt-out hippie who's been stoned for several decades.Just be real.......JUST BE REAL.
Thats my intention for this blog. I want to get away from( and someday maybe get others away from) the destructive ego -derived patterns- those of perceived wealth, false spirituality,workaholism, & the overly-driven I do-it all soccer mom/ super human, but also the victim personality, the depressed obsessed, the ne'er do well thought patterns.It's easy to become your limitations. Whatever you "see" yourself as. Or what you want others to see you as.Whats really hard is deciding who you really are, and what parts of you are externally or internally placed labels.
This doesnt require any self-help books or therapy (usually) . Just setting some time to really, really think about it.
I know i will be.

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