Saturday, October 18, 2008

How to Change with the Seasons of Your Life

The leaves outside are absolutely gorgeous here. And we are finally getting that crisp fall air. It's a whole new season now, and just one more reason to start afresh in your life.

It begins with change.We see the change of the leaves from spring time green- so new and alive! The warming sun on our shoulders, the little buds getting ready to burst out . Similarly , in life this can symbolize the beginning. A new, invigorating life- exploring beginning.Here are a few ways to enjoy:

1. What do you do every morning when you wake up? I f you're like me you slowly stagger to the coffee maker, check for any important phone messages, then maybe get into a hot shower or bath, and all that other personal hygeine stuff to get ready for your work day.Seems , normal.But what if you did something different today? Had tea instead of coffee...lounged around eating a bagle in the kitchen & watched the birds through the window. What if you wore your slippers around the house til you absolutely had to leave? Small changes...but wait! Take note of the first year in a childs life....a little each day adds up.

Now we can move on to summer..those fresh green leaves are maturing , settling in, feelin comfortable, manageable.Just swaying around in the breeze,watching the world go by like every other leaf....but this is the time to satrt thinking about the future! Your stem may be solid now, but what about tomorrow? Maybe it's time to do a little research:

1...check into a 401k, an IRA.

2.Maybe look into some life or disablity insurance.

3.What about your education? Do you plan to advance your career?

4. How much will this cost?Do you have a budget?

So , we're moving into fall. Your leaves have changed color since your youth.Everyone is beginning to admire the beauty that comes with simple maturity. Now you are more confident,in both your career, your childrens educational plans,you're eating healthier, exercising , and getting those check ups & screenings you put off in the past. Here's some more things you can do:

1.This might be a great time to take a look into your finances again. When was the last time you changed the allocations in you 401k our looked at the prosectus of your mutual fund ?Are the current choices still serving you well?

2.Take a look at your mortgage payments...are you still paying a PMI when it's no longer required? Have you had your homes value re-appraised? More to the extreme, if you havent purchased a home, why not? Maybe you had other plans ...which brings me to

3. Traveling...was this on your agenda years ago but you somehow never got around to it? The time is upon you!!!

4. might have some by now. Take some time to really relax and have fun with them. They're only little once, and the bonding starts now!

and finally Winter...

Now, this doesnt mean the end as we know it! Even when the leaves turn brown and fall to cover Mother Earth...the tree stands tall, proud, strong! This is the time to claim your inheritance---This might mean:

1.Exploring retirement villages. If you havent even considered them because you dont want to be in"one of those places"- you might be suprised. I know i plan on being in one, as a matter of choice. There's people of like mind- active adults, easy access to medical and daily living needs, so you truly can have peace of mind.You actually own your home and land in most, and are able to have gardens, pets, whatever!

2.If you are definitely staying at home...check now before its too late - what repairs are needed? It's never a good idea to wait until the heat goes out when it's freezing outseide or the a/c when there's a a heatwave. Repair persons are generally very busy during these times.Also- make a contact list of those you call call to help with things like snow removal, transportation in an emergency, and even for simple tasks like changing outside spotlights.

3. Are you feeling lonely? Since you have a computer( or else you wouldnt be reading this) check out local events for seniors. Also, websites like Freecycle, and Craigs list- frequently they have items for cheap or free including antiques, appliances(an extra freezer is nice to have on hand if one goes out). Plus , this is a great way to meet people since you generally have to go pick up the free stuff.Additionally, joining groups at your church or senior center is NOT humiliating. Get involved...stay engaged in this wonderful life.

Ok heres the real grit...i hope you enjoyed this incredibly useful information.It really is the kind of stuff/ ideas i see out there everyday on the web.I dont offer up this kind of stuff in general, so make sure ya put it to good use!!!

Asta la Vista, baby!

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Didn't Frank Sinatra do a song like this? "Life is like the Seasons"

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