Monday, October 27, 2008

The Great Blog-Out

As I've stated before, it seems like there are a billion and one self-help blogs out there.
When i first discovered blogs & blogging i was amazed! Truly Inspired.It was all so new & interesting and...amazing.But as time marched on, i've become less & less enthralled with it all , mainly due to running into titles like these (over & over again):
"learn these new life hacks to improve your sex life"
"20 ways to increase your bank account"
"the only fail-proof test for infidelity"
"Turn your life around in only 1 week"
"what your dreams mean to your future"
...and so on. Of course , these are made up titles- composed of combining several titles into one. Sort of like the equivalent of one of those games where you make up a new nickname for someone by picking an adjective from 3 columns of words.
Well, actually those are way more cool.
There are some very good blogs out there, dont get me wrong. I seriously enjoy the Illuminated Mind- when they post.And i tend to visit Dirty Footprints fairly often. But there are a few i am taking off my blog roll tonight. They just havent been what i seek lately. Some have gone the way of playing therapist, other are getting way too new-agey (freaky spirituality). I just cant understand how to combine being a buddhist AND a catholic AND a pagan. But apparently some claim this is possible.
I am adding a few new ones to my blog roll though. Newly discovered , and so far enjoyable. Hope you'll check them out.........Peace

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