Friday, October 10, 2008

Frugal Fun

Todays Funfactor(s): i spent an hour at the mall for the first time in about a year. In times like these i believe it's important to find small inexpensive ways to make ourselves happy & our lives more tolerable. I bought the cutest little footie sox that are shaped like little lambs and are oh-so-soft! Along with that i found a great bargain on a CD i'd been looking for and i bought a LARGE strawberry -banana smoothie. It was so good i drank the whole thing and had such stomache pains after----but it was worth it. My total splurge? $25.00.Cash.

I should mention that hubby & i give ourselves $30 /week for discretionary money (we call it our "allowance") . Usually he has his all spent by monday, and i have mine for 2-3 weeks. But today, i needed a lift. And in spite of his overall negativity , i was pretty much able to stay inside my head (& heart) and enjoy my time.
Yes, in spite of his grouchiness and old man attitude and unwillingness to just "let go" and try to enjoy mostly window shopping.
This man states he needs to buy things when he goes shopping. Actually, i would've been just as happy with only the smoothie.Some days he just drives me crazy.
Update on my affair with Mr. Scale- After a brief reconciliation, i decided he was never going to change. I continue to ignore him and occasionally even kick him into the corner with contempt. For some reason, he still hangs around. He says he still loves me, but i'm confused.

Another lovely thing today was enjoying the beautious weather! i was able to (probably for the last time) wear shorts out . By the time it was dark i got chilly however and it was so delicious to go home a crawl under my electric blanket for a brief nap before work. I'm on a 15 day stretch, so i have to maximize my pleasures right now.
i had to cancel plans to go to the park with my mom tomorrow to take my son out for his car purchase. This is very disappointing. But i have stated that i may still go if i have time, even if it means going alone! I did try to invite my husband, who grudgingly said he 'd go, but it depends if he gets himself out of bed before i get home.
Well, folks my blog box is behaving badly tonight & not letting me correct typing errors without a signifigant amount of work. SO despite my desire to entertain you further, i must aquiesce .I guess if all else fails i'll try later. Until then...Peace

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