Friday, October 31, 2008

Food Fun

The other day i wrote about sleep, stating that i was so elated at having slept 11 hours. Well, the day after i couldnt sleep worth a darn and felt like crap. I guess the "Great Sleep" I had kinda messed me up schedule-wise. And that's why i didnt post.
Today i'm doing much better . Got my usual amount (albeit not enough for most people i know)plus and extra hour or so. One of my new goals is to re-train my body/mind to sleep for longer periods so that i can be a better person (nurse/wife/mother/etc.)
Tonight my friend told me that the people who were going with us to the microbrewery this weekend may not be able to make it. This leaves just us two. I was really looking forward to some socializing.At this point, i am unsure if we should really go or not. After thinking about it, the whole point of going was more about trying to fit it in with my schedule for the benefit of everybody else that wanted to go. Wow, does this sound familiar? I just went through this with the Bunco thing this month.
Let me stop here and insert today's FunFactor: Lately ( in typical cynical manner) i had started to wonder about the way things taste when you eat them in a manner differently than intended. Mainly, i've been eating things inside-out.I'll tell you why.
After accidently spreading pb on the wrong side of a sandwich round the other day i noticed it tasted slightly less appealing. I began to theorize that the manufacturers of certain products we consume put a special flavoring/coating or whatever on the outside of foods in order to trick our tastebuds into thinking the entire product is tastey.
Since then my funfactor has been trying different foods "inside-out" to proove my theory.So far I've done this with various buns/rolls and even cut a few candy bars in half letting the inside touch my tastebuds first. I gotta tell ya, I think I'm on to something here.
Perhaps a lesson in all this is something many oif us already know. Never trust mass-produced food.There's just too much riding on the profit margin for these corporations for them to care whether you get a great product (inside &out) or not.
Conversely , i know that i try to make my home cooked food good, wholesome,and tasty throughout!
All i can say is that I'm glad they're not preparing my Thanksgiving Dinner!

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