Friday, October 3, 2008


This has been a week of sickness. I started out on my way to work the other night not feeling so good . Some stuffiness and a strange pain in my belly. I was even sore enough to nix Yoga after weightlifting last night.I arrived at a case i only go to once or thrice ayear only to hear as i received report"these two have been sick the past few days". Oh, boy! And on top of that the boy had a few "new" issues. What a long busy night.
Then tonight, I have a case who is usually healthy and dad says" she's been sick today".Well, such is the life of a nurse . Especially working with kids.I am exposed to all sorts of viral & bacterial nasties.From colds, to stomach flu to skin rashes.Thank goodness for a healthy immune system.
I read once that, when we start to pity ourselves for "falling apart" as we age, we should stop & think about how our body functions perfectly fine 95% of the time. Any other machine with all the bells & whistles we have would require much more maintainance , wouldnt last anywhere near as long as we humans do and would be obsolete by now. So take that.Actually it makes me think of dinosaurs, but i don't know why.
There are so many things we can do to help keep those voracious viruses and bacterial beasties at bay, at least to some extent.Most of them are so easy, not time consuming or expensive, and make us less likely to host and pass along stuff to our patients , freinds , co-workers and especially families.
1.Wash your hands-often!This seems like a no-brainer and i can hardly believe how many people i see in public restrooms either not doing it, not insisting their kids do it and not doing it properly. You know, you'd think even a redneck from the backwoods could figure out that if you touch the door knob or doorplate on the way out, you might as well not have washed at all.
2.Eat your fruits & veggies!Getting a full variety of colors each day is so important.The new food pyramid says get at least 5-7 servings of each per day. This is hard. But at least try. I hate when i look into the grocery carts on shopping day and see a family who's combined weight wouldnt be allowed on a small bridge and see nothing but a sea of chips, twinkies, ice cream and frozen pizza. Happy Diabetes. Merry Cancer. Joy to sore joints. Bravo for back pain. ok, i'll stop.
Enjoying lovely plant foods will enhance your immune system and eating more of them costs less (especially if you can grow your own).
3.Exercise.Don't ride in the motorized carts.At the store or on the golf course. Don't take that elevator/escalator.Stop driving around the parking lot(wasting time & gas) to get a spot up front.
And doesnt your dog need a walk anyway????Exercise can be fun, and free . I do highly recommend a gym, however. It makes you accountable once you arrive, and having to pay a monthly fee is also a motivator.Think of the fee as an investment to ward off future doctor bills.
4.R & R...Most people i know think they have to work double shifts(hubby included) all year round and only take one week or a few days vacation. But statistics show that if one does this for years on end, your body will recoup that time from you by: giving you a heart attack or two,making you take extra time off for colds & flu, sinus or g.i. problems or just a comlpete breakdown from exhaustion.I know when i push myself for too many days or weeks in a row, i have problems. The body will use force , if necessary to make you slow down.
5.Take care of yourself when you do get ill!I am a big believer in herbal teas, humidifiers, lots of fluids, hot soups, horehound coughdrops, gargling with salt water, extra naps, live cultured yogurts,vitamins, fresh air and of course fresh veggies & fruits. When i am sick, i ATTACK ! Pull out all the stops to put my body in the best place for healing to occur naturally. It's a Florence Nightingale thing even.
Ok , that's enough from Brainy Smurf.Everyday Adventure:Tomorrow i must prepare a lunch for Saturday. I am taking my mom on a picnic before we go see the musical "Menopause". I think we will sit at the duck pond i used to live near.I must've been a duck in another life.I should explore this idea. Why do i enjoy sitting & watching ducks so much?
FunFactor:In other news,Movie Time! i watched"Forgetting Sarah Marshall" tonight. I saw the main characters' penis at least 5 times. Full frontal. So , if you have kids, don't pop this one in the dvd player. What a shock.
So here's the part where i sign off. Hope you enjoyed the lecture. Take care of yourselves. Oh, and quit smoking if you havent. Thats should've been #1.

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