Friday, October 10, 2008

Cats & Jesus

Here i am..finally UNAFRAID to show my face on this blog.
I love my cats!In fact in spite of the whole cat hair pet peeve they are one of the highlights of my life!So...on that note i need to offer up this link so that you too can understand the nature of a cat that is... came across this on Stumble upon, btw.

If you havent noticed, my FunFactor tonight is trying different fonts. Although my box here is limited, perhaps at some point, if i am so inclined, i will try to become more of a technophile, and figure out how to further enrich my selections.

Today, i took my son out (once again) to look at cars. We have, out of necessity & for my own sanity, narrowed it down to 2 cars.One is a cute little sports car, one is a less expensive sedan. both are acceptable with equal pro's & cons, depending on who you're asking.So we shall see. The whole issue is aggravating and i shall be ecstatic when it's over.

mmmm... i am eating delicious strawberries & blueberries right now. just finished up the banana(a treat, given the sugar & calorie content for a FRUIT). but aside from complete enjoyment, i am getting wonderful vitamin c.

Yup! this blog is now becoming more & more like my personal diary.

Which several years ago probably would shock and disgust any reader, but now is dull & sedate as a monastery. so sorry you all missed out on the racier version of my life.

Tonight, i had a beautiful experience in my spirit. I spent some time glimpsing heaven with Jesus.If this sounds too far out for some, you can chose to skip this part. Ya see, most mornings after i get home from work, i make a cup a soup, crawl into bed & read. Usually i read several verses in the bible. I have finished the NIV front to back & now am on the NLT version. This morning i re- read Romans 8 & 9. As confusing as these verses may be, i found them inspiring enough for several prayer & devotion times today. Although i will not get into specifics here, and i do not wish to preach, i highly recommend the passages to anyone living with frequent concerns reguarding guilt, sin or ethical dilemmas. There. I said it.

I need to express here that i frequent blogs(some are on the sidebar here) that have a somewhat different appraoch to spirituality than myself. Given that i am into Yoga, most people seem to assume that i would be involved with buddism, hinduism,paganism, etc.But i am a Christian and proud of it. See this for another angle ran across this when i was searching for some enlightenment on the subject. Most sites i ran across before this are pretty extremist and narrow -minded in my view.Unfortunately, it seems this was one of the last posts done by this person. i have emailed them to no avail.

Well, i hope to find some other purpose later tonight to blog about and if i do i'll just make another more publicly "useful" post. But if I don't...

Well, i will --at some point. I just want anyone reading to know i am honoring my commitment to "keep it real" by not checking out everyone elses blogs before posting, so as not to contaminate the creative process or original thought.I do that after i post now. So you are getting

100% PURE ME...
you lucky devils! Namaste!

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