Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Butts at the End

so, anyway...the new case i've taken on tonight.
1. The baby is really restless. i am constantly up & down to the crib- venting gt, suctioning, repositioning,etc...because...
2. parents are very involved & only home a few days & had a bad experience with another niurse are taking shifts sleeping on the the same room with me & the baby.

i can understand their position. truly. i would probably be the same. but for myself, its a bit unnerving to have the parent RIGHT THERE, sleeping.

First of all, it's hard o concentrate on your job if you're worried about waking up the parent everytime you make a move. With all the equip , etc. it's hard not to make noise.
Second, i hate being watched when i eat.
Third, i hate walking on eggshells wondering if i am offending them, doing something wrong, or not doing something they expect(like playing with or holding/rocking the child-which i am against doing at NIGHT unless absolutely necessary!).
Ugh! so, with all that i am unable to do a decent post tonight & hope you will forgive.But if you like butts, here's a cute little!

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