Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Better Call the Sandman

Wow! I slept for 11 hours today!pretty darned amazing for someone who is usually cursed with insomnia. It is amazing how sleep affects our lives in general. Like, since i slept this long i didnt get anything done that i usually do (errands, phone calls, housework, cooking). But , on the other hand, it's unbelievable how much better i feel over all. Tonight, i awoke at 8:35 pm. I barely had time to take my bath, fix my hair, dress & eat a light dinner before leaving for work at 10pm. i also had to get my "stuff" together for work & some other minor details. i felt so rushed.
But on my way to work i started to feel...alive!
And when i got to my case i was so much more clearer & focused mentally. So organized and energetic. I was a better nurse.
Also, i ate less junk food - i know that, yes, this is partly due to not being awake to do so. But i realize, too , that it is because i need less of that junk to get me through the constant energy slumps i have when i get only my usual 4-5 hours.
So tonight, when doing my usual trivial research, i decided to find out more about the subject.
One of my favorites sites to consult ,Wikipedia, states that sleep deprivation can cause things such as:
depersonalization, derealization, slowed wound healing ,temper tantrums(maybe that's my problem, eh?),hypertension, memory loss, nausea...the list is staggering! But the most interesting discovery was the Study that found that it can lead to early stage Diabetes Type 2...i did not know that one.
I was particularly disturbed by the"Flower Pot " study done on those poor little white rats.
The article also reminded me that sleep deprivation has been used as a torture technique, is used as a treatment for depression(!), and is used by some as a means to create hallucinogen effects similar to drugs.
Amazingly, there is a record for going without sleep listed here- 33 years!!!!
WebMD says that even reducing your sleep by 1 1/2 hours can cause a 32 % reduction in waking hour alertness.Mortality risk is increased for getting less that 6-7 hours.

And now i think my computer is going to sleep because the typing isnt showing up right away. Ironic, huh?

So Todays FunFactor:Planning for my Halloween costume for Trick or Treat night and planning for my fun trip to Bube's Brewery with a friend Saturday night!
My Everyday Adventure : Checking out the street scene when i arrived in the "ghetto" tonight.....always interesting, as is the morning after- especially on weekends.Yup, try to imagine it.
Sweet dreams!

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