Sunday, October 26, 2008

Baby Blues

Still here at the new case. baby is still awake!i am going nuts!this too shall pass.....this too shall pass.....
Today i had my monthly coffee date with my freind "f". He is such a sweet one & brought me a really nice card about freindship(dont get any ideas either- he's very gay, and very attached).Since he is also in nursing school, we can always find lots to talk (read "vent") about.
It is still interesting to me that we tend to attract people of a certain nature into our personal circles. For instance , seems like most of my friends also have a thing about the overweight. And we all seem to agree that it is the ones who don't even try to help themselves be healthier that offend us the most.The ones that make constant and unrealistic excuses as to why they are obese.Here's some of the excuses we've heard:
"oh, it's a thyroid problem" or
"it's genetic, i can't help it"- as they sit there eating Burger King.
My friend today said a girl in his class actually stated that since she came from a small town, she could'nt exercise because there were no gyms.Is she serious? She can walk. And doing sit-ups , and all kinds of other exercises at home are free and require nothing but your body.

Enough about that, i've already blogged about it before, so i wont keep going there. But if you are interested in possibly being offended by my intense position and if you enjoy mean sarcastic commentary see my post called "Fat tuesday & the art of practicing patience".I dont yet know how to put the fancy links to my old posts within the body of the new post. if anyone reading this can help please comment or email me.

hey! i think the kid might be asleep. hooray!No, i was wrong...sigh...

Someday soon i'm going to put the before & after pics of my house decluttering on here. I just havent downloaded them from the camera to the 'puter yet.I know you are waiting with baited breathe, right?
well, i better get off the blog here...Gotta actually do my job....Peace out!

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