Monday, October 6, 2008

7 things..... and a Gruesome Good Time!

I am reading various publications recently and the following things have been on my mind:
1. Planting a garden using the "bag" method.
2.the fact that "service is an act of giving assistance or advantage to another." wow!powerful statement. Ghandi would have approved.
3. the statistics on how the prime motivator for many things like whether to quit or take a job, move, marry/ divorce, have children ,etc. is (get this)- whether one can get or keep health insurance.
4. the life & death of Paul Newman- a man with great vision and an an awesome philanthropist
5.kayaking up the Class iii rapids of northern Maine's dead river from flagstaff lake using a boat that can only go 12mph , but can run in as little as 6 " of water!!!!
6. The consequences of drilling out west
7. how the Atkin's diet is still the way to go. Fat & protein over carbs(anything with flour, potatoes, rice is OUT) -the only proven way to lose weight fast, but if you start eating those carbs again -watch out!
So, now you know what i do with my free time. I am such a nerd. I need to soak up info. daily or i get antsy. I don't know why or where i get this from. But i especially love trivia. Oh well, i could be in to worse things.
Anyway, here's my contribution to tonight's blog.Come on- what's not great about this?lol!Funfactor

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