Friday, October 31, 2008

Food Fun

The other day i wrote about sleep, stating that i was so elated at having slept 11 hours. Well, the day after i couldnt sleep worth a darn and felt like crap. I guess the "Great Sleep" I had kinda messed me up schedule-wise. And that's why i didnt post.
Today i'm doing much better . Got my usual amount (albeit not enough for most people i know)plus and extra hour or so. One of my new goals is to re-train my body/mind to sleep for longer periods so that i can be a better person (nurse/wife/mother/etc.)
Tonight my friend told me that the people who were going with us to the microbrewery this weekend may not be able to make it. This leaves just us two. I was really looking forward to some socializing.At this point, i am unsure if we should really go or not. After thinking about it, the whole point of going was more about trying to fit it in with my schedule for the benefit of everybody else that wanted to go. Wow, does this sound familiar? I just went through this with the Bunco thing this month.
Let me stop here and insert today's FunFactor: Lately ( in typical cynical manner) i had started to wonder about the way things taste when you eat them in a manner differently than intended. Mainly, i've been eating things inside-out.I'll tell you why.
After accidently spreading pb on the wrong side of a sandwich round the other day i noticed it tasted slightly less appealing. I began to theorize that the manufacturers of certain products we consume put a special flavoring/coating or whatever on the outside of foods in order to trick our tastebuds into thinking the entire product is tastey.
Since then my funfactor has been trying different foods "inside-out" to proove my theory.So far I've done this with various buns/rolls and even cut a few candy bars in half letting the inside touch my tastebuds first. I gotta tell ya, I think I'm on to something here.
Perhaps a lesson in all this is something many oif us already know. Never trust mass-produced food.There's just too much riding on the profit margin for these corporations for them to care whether you get a great product (inside &out) or not.
Conversely , i know that i try to make my home cooked food good, wholesome,and tasty throughout!
All i can say is that I'm glad they're not preparing my Thanksgiving Dinner!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Better Call the Sandman

Wow! I slept for 11 hours today!pretty darned amazing for someone who is usually cursed with insomnia. It is amazing how sleep affects our lives in general. Like, since i slept this long i didnt get anything done that i usually do (errands, phone calls, housework, cooking). But , on the other hand, it's unbelievable how much better i feel over all. Tonight, i awoke at 8:35 pm. I barely had time to take my bath, fix my hair, dress & eat a light dinner before leaving for work at 10pm. i also had to get my "stuff" together for work & some other minor details. i felt so rushed.
But on my way to work i started to feel...alive!
And when i got to my case i was so much more clearer & focused mentally. So organized and energetic. I was a better nurse.
Also, i ate less junk food - i know that, yes, this is partly due to not being awake to do so. But i realize, too , that it is because i need less of that junk to get me through the constant energy slumps i have when i get only my usual 4-5 hours.
So tonight, when doing my usual trivial research, i decided to find out more about the subject.
One of my favorites sites to consult ,Wikipedia, states that sleep deprivation can cause things such as:
depersonalization, derealization, slowed wound healing ,temper tantrums(maybe that's my problem, eh?),hypertension, memory loss, nausea...the list is staggering! But the most interesting discovery was the Study that found that it can lead to early stage Diabetes Type 2...i did not know that one.
I was particularly disturbed by the"Flower Pot " study done on those poor little white rats.
The article also reminded me that sleep deprivation has been used as a torture technique, is used as a treatment for depression(!), and is used by some as a means to create hallucinogen effects similar to drugs.
Amazingly, there is a record for going without sleep listed here- 33 years!!!!
WebMD says that even reducing your sleep by 1 1/2 hours can cause a 32 % reduction in waking hour alertness.Mortality risk is increased for getting less that 6-7 hours.

And now i think my computer is going to sleep because the typing isnt showing up right away. Ironic, huh?

So Todays FunFactor:Planning for my Halloween costume for Trick or Treat night and planning for my fun trip to Bube's Brewery with a friend Saturday night!
My Everyday Adventure : Checking out the street scene when i arrived in the "ghetto" tonight.....always interesting, as is the morning after- especially on weekends.Yup, try to imagine it.
Sweet dreams!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Memory Lane

I have spent over an hour reviewing past posts.

I have added a new side bar with video clips for all of my adoring readers.

I have added tags to my posts.

Yes, this is how i waste my nights now that i have no studying to do.

Actually , as my friend and colleague brought to my attention tion, i have a 600 page study guide i need to be looking at and memorizing over the next 6-9 months. But with that kind of timeline, who can get motivated? Yup, i guess right now i'd rather be reading useless blogs & watchin' Youtube. I am pathetic.

I have , however been spending some time in ponderance of childhood memories. Which has been productive because,when you really think about it, at least i believe, that the main reason we have memory power is to actually learn from our mistakes, or just learn something in general.

For instance...when we fell off our bikes we learned to use the brakes. When we smelled old aunt Hildeguardes bad breathe it prompted us to tend to our own oral hygiene more(or risk offending that special someone we hoped to impress).When we woke up with a hangover we learned...ok, so maybe we never quite learned what we should have. But we still aquired knowledge,and almost all experiences talk deep into our futures-literally & metaphorically.

One of my earliest memories is being a real brute toward my brother & cousins. I always had to be the boss.Because i was the oldest, naturally. Things always had to be done my way. So early on i learned that it was good to be king.I've never really outgrown this, but now i prefer to be called "Princess" instead.Nicer ring to it.

Many memories have really had an impact on my life now. A huge one being my mom saying(and to my utter disbelief at the time) that one day i would want to, and in fact, enjoy taking a bath.She also made an impression with note- leaving. I've definitely been stricken with that wonderful habit(cough, cough). I am the queen of noteleaving.

I also have a memory of getting into a fight with another girl over a guy. I learned not to turn my back on small people(she was on the borderline-dwarf mark).

And while these may be slightly humorous memories, there are other not so funny ones that have both humbled and jaded me.Like times when i have ran my mouth without thinking and regretted it later. The abusive relationships i stayed in too long. Custody battles,my childrens illnesses , getting over terrible insults, days of living in poverty, etc. The list could be endless. And each & everyone has taught me both good & bad things.Overall i'd say theres a very good reason for memories.

I tend to bask in the ones that make me laugh, or sigh,or feel good about myself.How bout you?


The Great Blog-Out

As I've stated before, it seems like there are a billion and one self-help blogs out there.
When i first discovered blogs & blogging i was amazed! Truly Inspired.It was all so new & interesting and...amazing.But as time marched on, i've become less & less enthralled with it all , mainly due to running into titles like these (over & over again):
"learn these new life hacks to improve your sex life"
"20 ways to increase your bank account"
"the only fail-proof test for infidelity"
"Turn your life around in only 1 week"
"what your dreams mean to your future"
...and so on. Of course , these are made up titles- composed of combining several titles into one. Sort of like the equivalent of one of those games where you make up a new nickname for someone by picking an adjective from 3 columns of words.
Well, actually those are way more cool.
There are some very good blogs out there, dont get me wrong. I seriously enjoy the Illuminated Mind- when they post.And i tend to visit Dirty Footprints fairly often. But there are a few i am taking off my blog roll tonight. They just havent been what i seek lately. Some have gone the way of playing therapist, other are getting way too new-agey (freaky spirituality). I just cant understand how to combine being a buddhist AND a catholic AND a pagan. But apparently some claim this is possible.
I am adding a few new ones to my blog roll though. Newly discovered , and so far enjoyable. Hope you'll check them out.........Peace

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Baby Blues

Still here at the new case. baby is still awake!i am going nuts!this too shall pass.....this too shall pass.....
Today i had my monthly coffee date with my freind "f". He is such a sweet one & brought me a really nice card about freindship(dont get any ideas either- he's very gay, and very attached).Since he is also in nursing school, we can always find lots to talk (read "vent") about.
It is still interesting to me that we tend to attract people of a certain nature into our personal circles. For instance , seems like most of my friends also have a thing about the overweight. And we all seem to agree that it is the ones who don't even try to help themselves be healthier that offend us the most.The ones that make constant and unrealistic excuses as to why they are obese.Here's some of the excuses we've heard:
"oh, it's a thyroid problem" or
"it's genetic, i can't help it"- as they sit there eating Burger King.
My friend today said a girl in his class actually stated that since she came from a small town, she could'nt exercise because there were no gyms.Is she serious? She can walk. And doing sit-ups , and all kinds of other exercises at home are free and require nothing but your body.

Enough about that, i've already blogged about it before, so i wont keep going there. But if you are interested in possibly being offended by my intense position and if you enjoy mean sarcastic commentary see my post called "Fat tuesday & the art of practicing patience".I dont yet know how to put the fancy links to my old posts within the body of the new post. if anyone reading this can help please comment or email me.

hey! i think the kid might be asleep. hooray!No, i was wrong...sigh...

Someday soon i'm going to put the before & after pics of my house decluttering on here. I just havent downloaded them from the camera to the 'puter yet.I know you are waiting with baited breathe, right?
well, i better get off the blog here...Gotta actually do my job....Peace out!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Butts at the End

so, anyway...the new case i've taken on tonight.
1. The baby is really restless. i am constantly up & down to the crib- venting gt, suctioning, repositioning,etc...because...
2. parents are very involved & only home a few days & had a bad experience with another niurse are taking shifts sleeping on the the same room with me & the baby.

i can understand their position. truly. i would probably be the same. but for myself, its a bit unnerving to have the parent RIGHT THERE, sleeping.

First of all, it's hard o concentrate on your job if you're worried about waking up the parent everytime you make a move. With all the equip , etc. it's hard not to make noise.
Second, i hate being watched when i eat.
Third, i hate walking on eggshells wondering if i am offending them, doing something wrong, or not doing something they expect(like playing with or holding/rocking the child-which i am against doing at NIGHT unless absolutely necessary!).
Ugh! so, with all that i am unable to do a decent post tonight & hope you will forgive.But if you like butts, here's a cute little!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Recognizing the Good

For some reason, after being so cleverly and utterly focused all day, i am in a fog tonight.
Perhaps this is so due to all the major cleaning & clearing & organizing and decluttering i did since 8am.
But no matter what i tried this past hour, i cannot even focus on a single paragraph in a blog. Did i use up all my focus superpowers?
hmm.. i'll have to look into that.
Tonight on my OWN blog , however, the focus is ME,ME,ME! So that's easy enough. Clearly.
In lightof recent depression over the economy & losing $10,000.00 of our hard earned dinero this year....
I was just considering some of the good moves i've made this year :
1. I bought the HONDA, instead of the much more generic and undertested Prius, or the over priced, worse on gas, also undertested CTS.
2.I made lots of new realizations about myself, including some things i'm not so happy about (like not being able to give up bottled water, and that i have a mean streak in me towards the overweight) . I am working on this negative side of me, i promise!
3.I started this blog and have been merrily discovering my inner technophile.
4. I have successfully handed over the bill stress to hubby and lived to tell about it.
5. also on the finance issue- have stuck to our savings plan and are still paying down the debt without accumulating more .Even with my sons car issue and gas prices and the economy.
6.I finished ALL of my nursing tests!!!!!
7.I have cleaned up a huge deficit in my diet, and added even more healthfulness to it!
8. Although it seems i have no freinds at times( well, in fact i only have a few)-the friends i do have are awesome!

There are lots more things but thats all my brain can fathom right now.How bout you guys? What fabulousness has been yours this year?What new things have you tried? what has worked? hat hasnt?Do tell!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Regaining Focus

This is the first time I am posting in the morning...right after i woke up! Hallelujah for "firsts".
Todays Funfactor(s):
1. Way too much creamer in my coffee...Yum!
2. Dippin stuff in melted chocolate throughout the day ..fruit, pretzels,etc.
3.redesigning my living room for winter coziness...watching movies together snuggled up under a blanket,sippin soups or hot chocolates....heaven!.....and
4.Thinking of new subjects to blog about.I've gotten away from the purpose of the blog. My original intent was to improve my ife through gradually decreasing the things that were/ are myself, to family, to the environment and to the spirit of others in the world. I have definitely NOT been that beacon of light.

I am still learning.
Sorry to be such a negative at times.

Anyhoo...This is another step to breaking out of that box. Trying something new each day. Even a small thing. Sometimes it can change your whole perspective.

Todays Everyday Adventure:Taking my husband out for his Birthday. We hardly EVER eat out so this will be a real treat. Although i don't care for his choice of restaurant, i plan to check the menu online first so i can find a healthy meal to order.I hope.

Last night, again we walked the dog late at night. I am in love with the night sky. The clouds, stars, fading horizon colors and , of course , that gorgeous moon.I find myself (in my old age) spending more & more time gazing into the galaxy, marveling at its beauty , the immensity, and God's glorious and unequaled paintbrush.Amen.

So, please send any of your desires for blog topics to me via comments below or email : Nirvanadiva then...i'll keep trying!

Love & Blessings!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Again....i finally got it!A clip from one of my favorite shows. Enjoy!

No Post Blues

ok, it's official. i am a retard. I know that is not the corect use of the word. Spare me the English lesson. But i just tried to put a video clip on my blog again, like i did once before and i cannot do it.
Gues i'll keep trying...but if you get no "real"post'll know why!asta la vista , baby!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

How to Change with the Seasons of Your Life

The leaves outside are absolutely gorgeous here. And we are finally getting that crisp fall air. It's a whole new season now, and just one more reason to start afresh in your life.

It begins with change.We see the change of the leaves from spring time green- so new and alive! The warming sun on our shoulders, the little buds getting ready to burst out . Similarly , in life this can symbolize the beginning. A new, invigorating life- exploring beginning.Here are a few ways to enjoy:

1. What do you do every morning when you wake up? I f you're like me you slowly stagger to the coffee maker, check for any important phone messages, then maybe get into a hot shower or bath, and all that other personal hygeine stuff to get ready for your work day.Seems , normal.But what if you did something different today? Had tea instead of coffee...lounged around eating a bagle in the kitchen & watched the birds through the window. What if you wore your slippers around the house til you absolutely had to leave? Small changes...but wait! Take note of the first year in a childs life....a little each day adds up.

Now we can move on to summer..those fresh green leaves are maturing , settling in, feelin comfortable, manageable.Just swaying around in the breeze,watching the world go by like every other leaf....but this is the time to satrt thinking about the future! Your stem may be solid now, but what about tomorrow? Maybe it's time to do a little research:

1...check into a 401k, an IRA.

2.Maybe look into some life or disablity insurance.

3.What about your education? Do you plan to advance your career?

4. How much will this cost?Do you have a budget?

So , we're moving into fall. Your leaves have changed color since your youth.Everyone is beginning to admire the beauty that comes with simple maturity. Now you are more confident,in both your career, your childrens educational plans,you're eating healthier, exercising , and getting those check ups & screenings you put off in the past. Here's some more things you can do:

1.This might be a great time to take a look into your finances again. When was the last time you changed the allocations in you 401k our looked at the prosectus of your mutual fund ?Are the current choices still serving you well?

2.Take a look at your mortgage payments...are you still paying a PMI when it's no longer required? Have you had your homes value re-appraised? More to the extreme, if you havent purchased a home, why not? Maybe you had other plans ...which brings me to

3. Traveling...was this on your agenda years ago but you somehow never got around to it? The time is upon you!!!

4. might have some by now. Take some time to really relax and have fun with them. They're only little once, and the bonding starts now!

and finally Winter...

Now, this doesnt mean the end as we know it! Even when the leaves turn brown and fall to cover Mother Earth...the tree stands tall, proud, strong! This is the time to claim your inheritance---This might mean:

1.Exploring retirement villages. If you havent even considered them because you dont want to be in"one of those places"- you might be suprised. I know i plan on being in one, as a matter of choice. There's people of like mind- active adults, easy access to medical and daily living needs, so you truly can have peace of mind.You actually own your home and land in most, and are able to have gardens, pets, whatever!

2.If you are definitely staying at home...check now before its too late - what repairs are needed? It's never a good idea to wait until the heat goes out when it's freezing outseide or the a/c when there's a a heatwave. Repair persons are generally very busy during these times.Also- make a contact list of those you call call to help with things like snow removal, transportation in an emergency, and even for simple tasks like changing outside spotlights.

3. Are you feeling lonely? Since you have a computer( or else you wouldnt be reading this) check out local events for seniors. Also, websites like Freecycle, and Craigs list- frequently they have items for cheap or free including antiques, appliances(an extra freezer is nice to have on hand if one goes out). Plus , this is a great way to meet people since you generally have to go pick up the free stuff.Additionally, joining groups at your church or senior center is NOT humiliating. Get involved...stay engaged in this wonderful life.

Ok heres the real grit...i hope you enjoyed this incredibly useful information.It really is the kind of stuff/ ideas i see out there everyday on the web.I dont offer up this kind of stuff in general, so make sure ya put it to good use!!!

Asta la Vista, baby!

Friday, October 17, 2008

La Pura Blogger

Well, another day in margaritaville....I got into a senseless arguement with my sons father but i am proud to announce that , i was able to maturely blow him off without resorting to the equal or lesser behavior of a kindergartener.
Also, in similar mature fashion i finished reading the declaration of independence today & started the constutution.Interesting now. Boring beyond tears in high school.
And so tonight i must admit to reading other blogs before i posted. But only because i forgot. Not for inspiration. I want to keep sacrificing myself up masochistically without being coached or cheating you out of the essence of my true character.
as i checked out the "others" today, i did notice a recurring theme. Most of them offered something of value to the reader. DONT WORRY! you wont find that here. You are safe from being attacked by helpfulness....Although i , personally have to use these self-help tools...and i don't mind refering you to them.You can check out my blog roll on the right side bar.I do change & update this as i see fit. this is my way of saying
"Yes, it is ok to be unfaithful ...."

I love that other bloggers take on this crucial responsiblity to inform us, help us, make things better for us. and , in effect, leave all the fun stuff for ME!
Like finding random humorous sites to torture you with!Ha!

But seriously, i have only so much advice to offer. At least genuine, writer tested & experienced advice. There's just tooooo much out there i am not an expert at. But if i get some reader input about what they want...well, maybe i'll try a bit harder. Til then , you get raw, live coverage from the homefront.
I didnt get to stumble yet so here's something actually useful Thanks wisebread!

Continuing to report the news as it happens.....over & out!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Leviticus-take that!!

Ok, now for my mundane existance.I need to rant about two things tonight, and you can hate me later and kiss my grits if you are a hunter or a fan of never , ever having a quiet, here goes.....

As i travel to work each night, generally around 10-11pm, partially in some rural areas, i tend to see a boatload of deer. More than i have ever seen in previous years anywhere.And i am scared.
Scared that one will hit me, damaging or totalling my new car. Or that i will hit the deer-- setting off another year of depression over killing or maiming a poor helpless animal that didnt purposely damage my car.But i deal with it. Because it is the human who has invaded their living space, not vise-versa. And because they dont come after us with guns.

So, in addition to having to watch for the path of these critters, i have had to also deal with deer "spotters". Most of these murderers are already on my black list, but why is it that they feel that they own the right to just "stop" in the middle of the road and make others go around them , just so they can see how many potential victims they might prey upon at a future date?Its is RUDE and unnecessary and a potential safety hazzard. I dont need any further distractions while driving at night in the country. And i wont even listen to any one of them tell me they are preventing travel accidents by killing them. If i was to go around killing drunk drivers with that excuse i know where i'd be. Not at the rifle range, or drinkin beer at a lodge with my buddies!

On to rant #2.....Noise pollution. Now, in my neighborhood, this is not an issue. (although one i used to live in was definitely in this category)No, i am talking here about senseless noises-- like that of a t.v. drawling on & on for hours, or the need to have the radio on everytime one takes a shower,or does some menial task outside, or is driving in the car. Yes, i am talking about none other than the fam.They both violate my delicate sense of quietude almost everyday with the need for constant noise.
I have nothing against listening to good music . Or watching the occasional tv show(although i only indulge in that via my computer once a week ). But since i share a bathroom with my husband and my sons bathroom is a thin wall away from our bedroom, i can get pretty indignant about my golden silence. what to do, what to do. And throwing the equipment in the trash isnt an option. There'd be mutiny.I guess i'll just keep whining.
On a more positive note i was still researching hobbies last week when i came across "rice sculpture".Hmmm...i thought,filing it away to check on later. well, i checked on it tonight.It's funny how we have one idea about something and the reality is so different. Instead of being sculpture made out of rice like i was thinking(i know, laugh all you want) it seems that this is actually the name of two or so sculptors whose art is a collectable. Go figure. there was, however, a site about a guy who inscribes art on grains of rice. But i already knew about that.So i guess i will just give myself a giggle & keep lookin out for the unusula hobby.
ok, i better go before my blog stops saving itself and i lose all of my terribly informative post.
hope i made ya either think or laugh or at least gave you something to do for 5 minutes....Blessings!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Economy, U.S. Documents, and Nighttime Blessings

So, today i finally received my(ordered) pocket size copy of the Declaration of Independence and The Constitution of the United States. Looks like a wonderful little book to peruse while waiting for appointments or when i'm on hold or even in line somewhere.And given the state of our nation, I hope that each & every one of you are familiar with the actual content of these two very important documents.
We do an awful lot of waiting in this world. I once read a statistic that we spend over 50% of our lives "waiting"- in line, etc.At least this way i am being constructive. Until i take my test, though i have a key ring with index card study notes to review.
Todays Everyday Adventure: At about 7:30 pm i went down to take my Dalmation for a walk since she'd been steadily whining for a half hour. But alas, as with so many nights lately, she didnt want to walk. So i threw my hands in the air (again) and decided to take an hours walk anyway, alone, in the gorgeous night air. As i weaved in & out of cool & warm patches and looked into the cotton-pulled night sky, viewing a perfect reflection of a beach up above, i was reminded that you don't have to go far away to enjoy the most magnificent things. Most of them are right where you already are . I saw the full moon circled by a "night sky rainbow".I heard the orchestra of locusts playing loudly for all to hear. I smelled the raw and heady scent of a neighbor burning wood. I felt the alternate chill and warmth of our earths atmosphere - a cloak about winding all about me.I truly enjoyed my walk and intend to enjoy as many as i can this year before it gets too cold.
And todays Funfactor has to be discovering theater classics. I am finishing up Fiddler on the Roof tonight.So far it seems like a pretty good story, especially for coming out in the 70's.
I never used to appreciate the classics (except cult classics) like i do now. Does this mean i am getting old? No comments about aging like a fine wine either!!!
Also tonight i've been digging into research on our 401k's. I shouldnt have depressed myself so.My husband and i have lost collectively about $8-9,000.00 of our hard earned money this year. I switched my allocations to a bond fund and contributions to 0% last month. I still lost money. Now i have to show my husband his losses. He will be p*ssed. But , thanks to corporate greed and power hungry politics, we have all lost money. I cannot imagine the distress of those who are actually using or close to using their nest egg. They must be devastated. See why i don't vote???WASTE OF TIME!!!Those guys/gals can say anything they want before the obligation to make good on promises after. What a lark. Sounds eerily similar to Central Asian politics to me.
That being said....just for posterity, i'd like to work on a campaigne for one of these slimeballs one of these days. Just to say i did it.
I was very productive today and got many things done i'd been putting off. I printed out lists and online stuff i'd saved for months in Favorites.Now they can be deleted and if my computer crashes i have copies of documents & passwords. Man, the fear of losing all that info in one fell swoop hit me like walking into a steam room accidentally !!I feel better now.
Well, back to checking out the other blogs folks.....hope you've enjoyed the post-- useless, as always.....Keep Smilin!!!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Keepin it Real- Again!

Hooray! i just finished my first practice test for the test i'll be taking in about a week. That test will be my final one before i can sign up for clinicals. It's been a long time coming. A colleague of mine will be finishing at about the same time....Kudos to us both, Sandy!We're almost there!
Today was a busy day for me overall- lots of errands and then the tan/gym/yoga thing.I started thinking about several things in relation to this "busy-ness".
First of , in keeping with my vow to "keep it real" on this blog i need to re-address my decision about watch- wearing. I have decided that i must wear it to & from work due to the whole practicality issue(i.e.- digging in my bag to find it when i need to do my assessments vs. the time saved by already having it on, especially if i walk in on a crisis situation.)So, i will only relinquish it to my bag when i'm "off the clock".
Secondly, on a deeper level, i am still evaluating the effectiveness of my overall weekly schedule and the purposes of my daily actions.Now, if this sounds like a mouthful, thats because it will require me to decide if it will be better to stick with my current structure( practical, efficient, but in some need of re-organization) or a change of venue to get outside my comfort zone. This might mean taking a new class at the gym, going in an additional day or maybe changing up my routine there in some other way.
My point being here is that in order to experience La Pura Vida (and i DO believe this is entirely possible without fleeing the country or moving to some remote location) I want to make sure that i am acting with intent, and "being here now" - at least to a degree.
At the present, i am not as deeply entrenched in the new age stuff as some, or even as much as i used to be in my twenties. I'd like to get back there but with a much higher level of maturity and wisdom.It is difficult to explain my position , except to say, i'm kind of"in the middle" when it comes to spirituality, and so i make compromises to some extent.
There are those who really jump off the deep end with things and, at times, this disturbs me greatly. Usually , these types are very young (late teens to early 30's) and may possibly come from a dubious background of sorts.While i don't begrudge anyone their choices ( in anything- politics, faith, fashion, lifestyle) i can get pretty turned off when i hear someone spew out stuff like " i am subconsciously delving into an alternate plane of reality and getting in touch with my deeper self to radiate a global love and compassion for the life of our planet"...blah, blah, blah.
I mean- do these people really believe what they're saying ? Can they hear what this sounds like to others?Can it be that they are indulging in an LSD fantasy of some sort that others cannot possibly comprehend? Please- spare me.
There is a way to explore your spirituality without coming off like a burnt-out hippie who's been stoned for several decades.Just be real.......JUST BE REAL.
Thats my intention for this blog. I want to get away from( and someday maybe get others away from) the destructive ego -derived patterns- those of perceived wealth, false spirituality,workaholism, & the overly-driven I do-it all soccer mom/ super human, but also the victim personality, the depressed obsessed, the ne'er do well thought patterns.It's easy to become your limitations. Whatever you "see" yourself as. Or what you want others to see you as.Whats really hard is deciding who you really are, and what parts of you are externally or internally placed labels.
This doesnt require any self-help books or therapy (usually) . Just setting some time to really, really think about it.
I know i will be.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Yurts & 7 low-cal Yummies!

These are Yurts! The fabulous sustainable housing i have been researching. Go to the link below for more info.

Another area i want to get into soon is Hydroponic Gardening. I heard about this first from a massage therapist in Vermont.Sounds like a great idea...ahead of its time even!There are two Funfactors i wanna talk about quick.

Remember letter-writing? I write letters to my dad every week or two instead of calling. Most of us have gotten away from "snail mail" with the advent of email & cell phones. but there's something juicier about getting a looking forward to sitting down to read in a private moment. And writing back means you get to use cool stationary or witty cards! such fun!The other thing that makes me dizzy with sighs is reading poetry aloud . This is a great thing between friends. We did some of this while camping and i look forward to doing it again. I used to do this with my kids and once in a while with a lover.I love the dramatics and flair with which one can embellish the words...the absolute flight and delight of creating character and feelings from only a page . Try it!

I am compiling a list of my favorite low calorie treats. I am always looking for ways to get back to pure foods, but also i love the low calorie foods i discover along the way that fill me up and satisfy. These are hard to come by and i put a lot of time into finding them. I know there are so many others (like popcorn sans butter) but i am just not fond of them. Here's my list:

1.Homemade soups. I like to take a packet of prepared chicken broth , cut up chicken tenders and some steamed vegs and put them all in a bowl. It's so easy to also steam the chicken in those handy steamers bags so the whole meal might take 10 minutes and its fresh as can be. When i want a creamier soup, i just put the vegs in the food processor & puree before adding to the broth.

2.Rolled Gold honey wheat pretzel sticks. These are really the tastiest pretzel. They are also usually on sale at my local Giants. Only 120 calories for 10 sticks!

3.Liptons cup a soups- i adore the creamy chicken, but spring vegetable & chicken noodle arent bad. Since they only take a minute to nuke, there's no excuse not to enjoy one any time your getting that nagging hunger pain.45-60 calories/cup.

4.Lite cool whip- 25 calories /tbsp-- goes great with the next item(s).

5,.The best fruits- berries, cherries, grapes, melons and oranges. Stay away from bananas. They are loaded with sugar and have more calories than most other fruits. They are strictly for when you havent eaten much that day or your other choices are worse.

6. Arnold's brand sandwich rounds- awesomely soft, great tasting and only 100 calories for the whole thing. I like to make sandwiches with sugar free jelly and homemade nut butter, Hummus is a great choice too---only 50 calories per svg.

7. Hummus - again. Try is scooped over hot vegetables for an instant cream sauce.Comes in many flavors, but i like original best.

And, there you have it , folks, my list of favorite treats that dont add to your waistline. Well, hardly.And since i am in quite a humorous mood i am giving you this gift of laughter. Oh, please do go here. i didnt get it at first but when i did, i was a puddle.

happy, happy/joy, joy!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Frugal Fun

Todays Funfactor(s): i spent an hour at the mall for the first time in about a year. In times like these i believe it's important to find small inexpensive ways to make ourselves happy & our lives more tolerable. I bought the cutest little footie sox that are shaped like little lambs and are oh-so-soft! Along with that i found a great bargain on a CD i'd been looking for and i bought a LARGE strawberry -banana smoothie. It was so good i drank the whole thing and had such stomache pains after----but it was worth it. My total splurge? $25.00.Cash.

I should mention that hubby & i give ourselves $30 /week for discretionary money (we call it our "allowance") . Usually he has his all spent by monday, and i have mine for 2-3 weeks. But today, i needed a lift. And in spite of his overall negativity , i was pretty much able to stay inside my head (& heart) and enjoy my time.
Yes, in spite of his grouchiness and old man attitude and unwillingness to just "let go" and try to enjoy mostly window shopping.
This man states he needs to buy things when he goes shopping. Actually, i would've been just as happy with only the smoothie.Some days he just drives me crazy.
Update on my affair with Mr. Scale- After a brief reconciliation, i decided he was never going to change. I continue to ignore him and occasionally even kick him into the corner with contempt. For some reason, he still hangs around. He says he still loves me, but i'm confused.

Another lovely thing today was enjoying the beautious weather! i was able to (probably for the last time) wear shorts out . By the time it was dark i got chilly however and it was so delicious to go home a crawl under my electric blanket for a brief nap before work. I'm on a 15 day stretch, so i have to maximize my pleasures right now.
i had to cancel plans to go to the park with my mom tomorrow to take my son out for his car purchase. This is very disappointing. But i have stated that i may still go if i have time, even if it means going alone! I did try to invite my husband, who grudgingly said he 'd go, but it depends if he gets himself out of bed before i get home.
Well, folks my blog box is behaving badly tonight & not letting me correct typing errors without a signifigant amount of work. SO despite my desire to entertain you further, i must aquiesce .I guess if all else fails i'll try later. Until then...Peace

Cats & Jesus

Here i am..finally UNAFRAID to show my face on this blog.
I love my cats!In fact in spite of the whole cat hair pet peeve they are one of the highlights of my life!So...on that note i need to offer up this link so that you too can understand the nature of a cat that is... came across this on Stumble upon, btw.

If you havent noticed, my FunFactor tonight is trying different fonts. Although my box here is limited, perhaps at some point, if i am so inclined, i will try to become more of a technophile, and figure out how to further enrich my selections.

Today, i took my son out (once again) to look at cars. We have, out of necessity & for my own sanity, narrowed it down to 2 cars.One is a cute little sports car, one is a less expensive sedan. both are acceptable with equal pro's & cons, depending on who you're asking.So we shall see. The whole issue is aggravating and i shall be ecstatic when it's over.

mmmm... i am eating delicious strawberries & blueberries right now. just finished up the banana(a treat, given the sugar & calorie content for a FRUIT). but aside from complete enjoyment, i am getting wonderful vitamin c.

Yup! this blog is now becoming more & more like my personal diary.

Which several years ago probably would shock and disgust any reader, but now is dull & sedate as a monastery. so sorry you all missed out on the racier version of my life.

Tonight, i had a beautiful experience in my spirit. I spent some time glimpsing heaven with Jesus.If this sounds too far out for some, you can chose to skip this part. Ya see, most mornings after i get home from work, i make a cup a soup, crawl into bed & read. Usually i read several verses in the bible. I have finished the NIV front to back & now am on the NLT version. This morning i re- read Romans 8 & 9. As confusing as these verses may be, i found them inspiring enough for several prayer & devotion times today. Although i will not get into specifics here, and i do not wish to preach, i highly recommend the passages to anyone living with frequent concerns reguarding guilt, sin or ethical dilemmas. There. I said it.

I need to express here that i frequent blogs(some are on the sidebar here) that have a somewhat different appraoch to spirituality than myself. Given that i am into Yoga, most people seem to assume that i would be involved with buddism, hinduism,paganism, etc.But i am a Christian and proud of it. See this for another angle ran across this when i was searching for some enlightenment on the subject. Most sites i ran across before this are pretty extremist and narrow -minded in my view.Unfortunately, it seems this was one of the last posts done by this person. i have emailed them to no avail.

Well, i hope to find some other purpose later tonight to blog about and if i do i'll just make another more publicly "useful" post. But if I don't...

Well, i will --at some point. I just want anyone reading to know i am honoring my commitment to "keep it real" by not checking out everyone elses blogs before posting, so as not to contaminate the creative process or original thought.I do that after i post now. So you are getting

100% PURE ME...
you lucky devils! Namaste!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


This is chock full of negativity so please feel free to accept my invitation to skip it.These are the things i am sick of :
1. Feeling sore all over
2. more days of depression without cause
3. having gas
4.unsolicited advice
5. too much housework.not enough help.
6.being unmotivated to study lately
7. men
8.counting calories. and not being able to pig out on cake, muffins, donuts, cookies, pies.....
9.feeling "edgy"
10. too many appointments
oh! the list goes on!
I woke up on the wrong side of the web today i guess. But i think i have figured out at least one contributor. whenever i take the new higher dosage sleeping pill my Dr. gave me last week, i've been this way. Yesterday, i was fine. so anyway, now i will take only 1/2 the dose. I also get this way a day or two before my moon time.
In fact, i could probably start a whole new blog just about THAT.
And weirdly, whenever i happen to feel this way, almost nothing can fix it. Occasionally, taking a walk helps..or just getting out of the house.Sometimes drinking extra water, too. But not always. I used to keep a log about it, but nothing else really helped, including tea, R& R, candles, movies, changing my diet, etc...
After seeing "Menopause, the Musical out loud" w/ my mom saturday,though, i think a lot of my troubles lie with the impending estrogen depletion.
The musical was hilarious by the way. And i would consider taking the hubby next time . Maybe this would give him a clue.
There was an older man sitting next to us who looked pretty confused. He was probably , like, only one of a half dozen males in the whole place.
On another note.....
I was contemplating some stuff earlier.While still thanking myself for eliminating some things from my life earlier this year I'm still feeling a little down about something. I've just recently realized how little my cell phone actually rings these days.I was all proud that i got rid of a few albatross's back in May, but now I'm feeling the midlife emptiness, i guess.
Whatever happened to the good old days when my phone rang constantly..with friends wanting to go out, guys asking for dates, even my family called more often. Is this what happens as you go through life?
I know, I know. I am likely to hear "well, when you get married thats whats supposed to happen" . I realize that on some level. But my ego is quaking in its boots sometimes.I wonder if i'll ever obtain that much awaited stage of life where i am "comfortable in my own skin". Sometimes, i think people just say that like a mantra. Is there anyone who never has a shred of doubt about themselves? Who never occasionally wonders if anyone still likes them ? or if the opposite sex are still attracted to them?Well, if so, it must be nice to be one of those people.
So, for now...for today, i am sick, sick, sick of just about everything.

Maybe i am PMS ing or just getting to be a cranky old lady. oh well. It is what it is.
That doesnt mean i cant have fun though!
Todays Funfactor: wearing some of my winter wardrobe again . I always miss it after it's been in hybernation. Of course ,by February i will be sick of these clothes again too. But right's cool to shimmy into those cordouroys and long gym pants, and (my fav) the cowboy boots!!The other fun thing... I am going to continue my recent searches about Yurts.I'll be keeping ya posted! Blessings!

Evidently, an Epiphany!

Ok, i wasnt going to blog today since i had been feeling so awful . and useless. and humorless.
But..tada! today i feel 100% better.
So you get to deal with me again!all that pent up energy from not going to yoga twice and just basically being down in the dumps has resurfaced into a new, improved Nirvana least for an hour or so....
I have been blogging for about 2 months now. It has been an interesting ride. Sometimes frustrating, sometimes boring, but as i look back least for myself. Which was the point after all.
At first i wasnt even going to tell anyone about it. Just wanted to use it as an outlet. That grew into a tool for self- discovery, and from there i started adding things to improve my computer knowledge and also for fun. Sometimes, though, problems and frustrations began when i started looking at the blog WRONG.
I started looking at how it appeared to others, instead of to myself. Those have been the nights when i have had almost nothing to say. Because i was feeling like i had an audience.
Today, i suddenly realized. I have no audience. Its just me. Sort a diary.Sort of Therapy. Yeah, thats what it SHOULD be.
Not just a way to make money(like some blogs i 've read- blatantly obvious they have no heart, nothing to add to the lives of others and are constantly using guest posts, links, videos, and quotes to fill up space)...and oh, yeah, to make money.
I admit, i am in sort of vent mode. But i'd like to think of it more like...outlet mode.
Before i upset anyone(but like i said- i have only one regular reader who i am grateful for) i am not saying that the above items arent useful and dont have their place. But...BUT!Not to the extent of reading a blog that just seems like another advertisement, or reads like a self -help book. And yes, i have caught myself falling into that mode as well. more. Just keepin it real here from now on.
Here's my latest agenda.
Deciding what to do about the following:
1. Fun Things my Family used to do
-bicycle rides
-hikes or trail walks
-family game night
-trips to dairy queen
(there are other things but i forget at the moment)
2.What my family does now
(son) hang out w/friends, go to school, work, watches tv in room
(hubby)watches tv, eats, sleeps, works
(me) cook, clean, work, go to gym/yoga, and stress( i also do other fun stuff-see previous posts- but they are usually without the fam)
We are like , just people living in the same house.
So, i am working on this . In the past several months i've gotten the tv's reduced by one and gotten the tv out of our bedroom. This has been a wonderful thing. No more lounging in the bedroom watching tv or falling asleep to espn or the seven hundredth veiwing of a dvd .(hubby did this, not me)Now, the bedroom is finally for sleeping!!!
In response to my dilemma, i have also been researching hobbies. For my own sanity while i pursue happiness, and for a change of family venue.
You gotta at least read this...Did you know that THESE are considered and , yes, listed as actual HOBBIES:
-lock picking
-dumpster diving
-tombstone rubbing(i did know about this one- but still)
-bubble blowing
-urban exploration(this one is multi-faceted. The first site indicated going to places that are prohibited to be entered by old buildings, underground passageways, caverns, old job site, and condemned areas-interesting)
And i thought i would just find stuff like stamp collecting. hmm. i am still researching. So, hope this blog was much more REAL.
Hey, everybody......"Keep on Keepin' on"...Peace!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

This will bore you to tears

I have noticed that my blog lately is not up to par with it's original intent.
I have no qualms admitting i am imperfect and that this blog is also an outlet for my deranged mind.And i want to rant for a minute.I am so very angry at myself for having almost no sense of humor lately. But i have been sick and studying and tired at night for some reason. And i just cannot focus like this.
please pity me.
ok, i am done.Back to the original intent thing....
so, I do want to re-connect with the person i once knew(back in my 20's) -the one who had a dream of living off the land, driving a volkswagon beetle(the old-style) and making my own furniture. I at least did the driving of the beetle for awhile.This person not only wanted less, she had less.An efficiency apartment, void of furniture,and a fridge full of nothing but scallions,lettuce & dip.
So, i am going to develop a plan for having a garden. Mother Earth News talks about having a garden using only bags of soil and planting directly in them. There was also a write-in from someone who had been re-using the same bags for 7 years! Impressive. There's a lot out there for those who want to live a sustainable lifestyle.I really don't have a desire to make my own furniture anymore ,though.
What to grow, what to grow.....I think ,maybe 3 things i know i use a lot of -peppers, squash, and green beans. My neighbor has corn, so maybe we could exchange.
Enough about that. With illness, my blog -writing is suffering. I cannot seem to be very creative right now and i apologize.
This weekend, my mom & i are going to visit a beautiful mountain park. I used to visit this park frequently in my twenties and took my daughter to it all the time. Over the years a lot has changed there. I remember when my daughter was 3 there was a HUGE wooden fort there. She would get lost in this thing -that's how big it was. And i would get lost trying to find her!The last time i was there, sadly, the fort was gone. At least we have our memories.There are (still ,i would hope)also humungous boulders that we would climb on. and some pretty cool trails to walk. I have'nt been there for about 8 or 9 years. I can't wait to see what changes have taken place.
I am also looking forward to leaf collecting, as i missed doing this on the camping trip. Seemed like there were not that many pretty ones on the ground at the time. So we will see.
wish me luck my fairweather friends and i'll be back soon renewed & refreshed i hope. Until i have soemthing to say, i will refrain from burdening the day. But i must leave you with this link at least. to keep you entertained for a few!Namaste!

Monday, October 6, 2008

7 things..... and a Gruesome Good Time!

I am reading various publications recently and the following things have been on my mind:
1. Planting a garden using the "bag" method.
2.the fact that "service is an act of giving assistance or advantage to another." wow!powerful statement. Ghandi would have approved.
3. the statistics on how the prime motivator for many things like whether to quit or take a job, move, marry/ divorce, have children ,etc. is (get this)- whether one can get or keep health insurance.
4. the life & death of Paul Newman- a man with great vision and an an awesome philanthropist
5.kayaking up the Class iii rapids of northern Maine's dead river from flagstaff lake using a boat that can only go 12mph , but can run in as little as 6 " of water!!!!
6. The consequences of drilling out west
7. how the Atkin's diet is still the way to go. Fat & protein over carbs(anything with flour, potatoes, rice is OUT) -the only proven way to lose weight fast, but if you start eating those carbs again -watch out!
So, now you know what i do with my free time. I am such a nerd. I need to soak up info. daily or i get antsy. I don't know why or where i get this from. But i especially love trivia. Oh well, i could be in to worse things.
Anyway, here's my contribution to tonight's blog.Come on- what's not great about this?lol!Funfactor

Sunday, October 5, 2008


No funfactors here.I am sick tonight...terrible cold. So i will not be blogging really. I know, I know. I'm sorry to all my adoring fans. Seriously though, this is why i could never handle fame. I am much to selfish and childish and lazy...hey, wait a minute!

Friday, October 3, 2008


This has been a week of sickness. I started out on my way to work the other night not feeling so good . Some stuffiness and a strange pain in my belly. I was even sore enough to nix Yoga after weightlifting last night.I arrived at a case i only go to once or thrice ayear only to hear as i received report"these two have been sick the past few days". Oh, boy! And on top of that the boy had a few "new" issues. What a long busy night.
Then tonight, I have a case who is usually healthy and dad says" she's been sick today".Well, such is the life of a nurse . Especially working with kids.I am exposed to all sorts of viral & bacterial nasties.From colds, to stomach flu to skin rashes.Thank goodness for a healthy immune system.
I read once that, when we start to pity ourselves for "falling apart" as we age, we should stop & think about how our body functions perfectly fine 95% of the time. Any other machine with all the bells & whistles we have would require much more maintainance , wouldnt last anywhere near as long as we humans do and would be obsolete by now. So take that.Actually it makes me think of dinosaurs, but i don't know why.
There are so many things we can do to help keep those voracious viruses and bacterial beasties at bay, at least to some extent.Most of them are so easy, not time consuming or expensive, and make us less likely to host and pass along stuff to our patients , freinds , co-workers and especially families.
1.Wash your hands-often!This seems like a no-brainer and i can hardly believe how many people i see in public restrooms either not doing it, not insisting their kids do it and not doing it properly. You know, you'd think even a redneck from the backwoods could figure out that if you touch the door knob or doorplate on the way out, you might as well not have washed at all.
2.Eat your fruits & veggies!Getting a full variety of colors each day is so important.The new food pyramid says get at least 5-7 servings of each per day. This is hard. But at least try. I hate when i look into the grocery carts on shopping day and see a family who's combined weight wouldnt be allowed on a small bridge and see nothing but a sea of chips, twinkies, ice cream and frozen pizza. Happy Diabetes. Merry Cancer. Joy to sore joints. Bravo for back pain. ok, i'll stop.
Enjoying lovely plant foods will enhance your immune system and eating more of them costs less (especially if you can grow your own).
3.Exercise.Don't ride in the motorized carts.At the store or on the golf course. Don't take that elevator/escalator.Stop driving around the parking lot(wasting time & gas) to get a spot up front.
And doesnt your dog need a walk anyway????Exercise can be fun, and free . I do highly recommend a gym, however. It makes you accountable once you arrive, and having to pay a monthly fee is also a motivator.Think of the fee as an investment to ward off future doctor bills.
4.R & R...Most people i know think they have to work double shifts(hubby included) all year round and only take one week or a few days vacation. But statistics show that if one does this for years on end, your body will recoup that time from you by: giving you a heart attack or two,making you take extra time off for colds & flu, sinus or g.i. problems or just a comlpete breakdown from exhaustion.I know when i push myself for too many days or weeks in a row, i have problems. The body will use force , if necessary to make you slow down.
5.Take care of yourself when you do get ill!I am a big believer in herbal teas, humidifiers, lots of fluids, hot soups, horehound coughdrops, gargling with salt water, extra naps, live cultured yogurts,vitamins, fresh air and of course fresh veggies & fruits. When i am sick, i ATTACK ! Pull out all the stops to put my body in the best place for healing to occur naturally. It's a Florence Nightingale thing even.
Ok , that's enough from Brainy Smurf.Everyday Adventure:Tomorrow i must prepare a lunch for Saturday. I am taking my mom on a picnic before we go see the musical "Menopause". I think we will sit at the duck pond i used to live near.I must've been a duck in another life.I should explore this idea. Why do i enjoy sitting & watching ducks so much?
FunFactor:In other news,Movie Time! i watched"Forgetting Sarah Marshall" tonight. I saw the main characters' penis at least 5 times. Full frontal. So , if you have kids, don't pop this one in the dvd player. What a shock.
So here's the part where i sign off. Hope you enjoyed the lecture. Take care of yourselves. Oh, and quit smoking if you havent. Thats should've been #1.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

By george! I've got it!

mahna mahna-lol!!
gotta watch this!!! it will make your day! i laughed & watched again & again...can't beleive this is still out there...thanks to Treehouse Jukebox (sidebar) for finding it!
i am unable to figure out how , at this time to get it to come up directly onto my blog. i guess i'm just techno-ignorant.
But i am going to follow the Q.T.I.P. on this one---"quit taking it personally". i will just think about sliding thru the water over the rocks at one of the falls this weekend instead.exhilerating!nothing like mother nature.
I was reading today about overpopulation & how maybe we should get tax breaks in this country for small families. This idea is that large families(in general) contribute to overconsumption. Hmm...tell me what you think.i wanna post this & get back to working out some blog off!