Thursday, September 25, 2008

Time Changes Everything

Yesterday i got a tetanus booster shot. My arm is so sore today. In fact , my whole body is actually sore and it's making me very cranky! i have seriously decided to change my exercise routine starting in Oct.. I am no longer doing weightlifting prior to Yoga or i'll never get any better at some of the poses. I am just too darn sore before i even start!
Also , i got weighed with all my clothes on for the first time in a while. This revealed to me that my scale at home is no longer in sync with my dr.'s office. The one there weighs me 2 lbs. less than at home.hmm...i'll have to re-verify at the gym. i like to make a three way verification check.
A few days ago , my hubby & i were discussing a situation at his job. During the course of our conversation he mentioned an opinion he had about the situation . It was a valid one and i asked why he didnt bring it to the attention of the union. He says "i didnt want to be a troublemaker".
Excuse me.
I must not have that gene.
I explained to him that this was probably not something Einstein, or Eli Whitney,or even the inventor of the wheel would have said. It's certainly not the line of thinking Martin Luther King or Ghandi would recommend . Actually, as i see it, it takes all kinds of "troublemakers" to make the world go round.
Yes, i am including myself here. I am, alas, a "troublemaker".But a good kind:)
Also, i have been thinking about making another change in my life, one i've done a few times in my adulthood, and it has always served me well.I'm going to stop wearing my watch. Of course , i'll have to bring it to work, being a nurse.But I was inspired to remember times when i had done this before by a post on The Illuminated Mind blog(see list on right side bar for link) by Jonathan Meade....
"Time is not money, time is life".
What a great quote.
So many things get in the way of realizing how much life is slipping through our fingers at any given time. Many of these times we are watching the clock (like at work, for instance) perhaps wishing it would go faster. Or , conversely, enjoying ourselves so much(like at a party, or talking with friends) that we wonder where the time went as we look in shock at our watches.when i read this quote i immediately thought.."why?.Why am i still wearing this watch day in , day out. why do i feel like i have to look at this timepiece or the one on the wall at least 10-20 times a day?what could i be doing instead of watching the time?" I'll tell you
I remember back when i gave up wearing a watch .(like i said, more than once)At first , it was really a hard habit to break. I thought how much i needed it. How it made me feel more secure , like i was in control.I liked being able to look down and believe that i knew where my place in the universe was , just based on this small piece of machinery(made completely by man).
And then i realized how silly all of that was. Because none of it was a truth. There is no more security to life , i have no real control over the randomness of life, and having this thing certainly doesnt tell me where i stand . That could change at any given moment.
So i took it off .
And over the next week or so i started to realize the liberation i was feeling. It actually made me pay more attention to other things around me . People, nature, my own thoughts and emotions. I noticed i became more in tune with the rhythms of life, like the shadows growing across my porch as the sun sets or rises. Like the sound of birds at different times of the day, or the music of locusts or the owls song at dusk or nightfall.
It's really worth a shot.Give it a try.You might just discover your own timeline.

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