Thursday, September 11, 2008

Growth Spurt!

I really don't put many links to other sites in my blog , but this guy is especially noteworthy! The first article i read was about living to your fullest potential & wow! i was slammed with some personal truths.

it even made me think back to tonights Yoga class. Had (another) new teacher. It was a guy this time and he was pretty good actually. but the article had an awesome statement ( a quote by someone)---"always do what you're afraid to do". I put that into practice everyday. i fell on my chin in class tonight doing that very same thing. but i think i enjoyed it.

Most of the time i like to think of myself as a"step outside your comfort zone" junkie.interestingly , the article in the above link addresses something called self help addiction. while it is written with alot of sarcasm/cynicism, i do tend to agree that too much of a good thing is not good at all and if one just sits around reading about self improvement and does not apply it, what's the point?.....i , personally find that if i don't stretch myself and step outside the box physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally i get restless, fidgety and feel pretty much useless. one of my favorite quotes is "a rolling stone gathers no moss".Yup, so true.

ok, phew! gotta be done with that speil.

So, i guess the FunFactor for tonight is : trying new poses in Yoga (for me) or just trying a yoga pose ( for you, if you never have...or trying just one new one) even if you fall on your face, chin, head or buttocks, at least you tried. you stepped outside that cozy little (perhaps) slightly narrow minded box you might be hiding in. Not meaning to offend here, just (sarcastically ) trying to inspire change.

And, most of the time, change is means "growth".

I also hope that some of you(are there any?) will start leaving some comments just to let me know you're out there. Helloooo? anyone there? anyone reading this? I do hope so.

I am trying to do the Ghandi thing --"be the Change..." and technically even though blogging is partally about self help, it's also about reaching out ito the world wide web and exposing my inner self to inspire . So there it is.

Has anyone had an everyday adventure to tell about lately?I'd love to hear it!til then......


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Secrets said...

I'm always here. After my email, your blog is the first thing I read every morning. Would less be expected?

My most recent experience is that ski instructors (at least at a certain resort I know) are egotistical. They love to explain how much they know about skiing when in actuality it is very little. No wonder so many people don't come back after they take their first lesson. Reminds me of the story about the Colorado ski instructor. "Enough about me" he says, "Lets talk about my skiig" Skiing should be fun, not an attempt to put in to practice an incoherent vision of posed skiing.

Other than that there are no secrets that were not previously aired.

Always here!