Monday, September 15, 2008

Sunsets & Moonbeams

Everyday Adventure: we finally made it to the local fair today in spite of the saturating humidity!I ate like a pig but my husband ate like the whole farm. On our way we stopped at an rv sales lot to check out the lovely interiors of these road beasts. It was great fun exploring each travelhome what with all the spacious yet cleverly contained living areas. But , oh , the price range! 20,000 -56,000.00!!! of course these are the new models.

In our fantasies, we can sell the house and live in one of these beauties traveling around the country as we please.
Yes, fantasy, not reality.
Neither of us have the type of job skills necessary to enable us to live on the road.
We could be carnies.
I like funnel cake. Actually i like it a bit too much.

Did i mention i am sick of these extra 5 or 6 lbs i have been doing battle with? If we were in a boxing ring , i would be the puny guy in the corner and the pounds would completely being annhialating me.So, my FunFactor lately has been mixing & matching low-calorie soups!

ok, moving on.

I wanted to share today about this mornings sermon. I did not attend traditional church but instead chose to listen via the internet . I listened to two & the second one was excellent.It referred to Genesis and the reason we all feel this connection to beauty and perfection when we see it.

"on the sixth day God { saw that} everything
He created was good..."

i dont have the bible in front of me so i am trying to quote by memory.
anyway , the whole point of the message was that we were created to live in this perfect state. so when we see it in our lives it resonates with our core being. Think of perfect sunsets, the giddy feeling of the first look at your newborn child, the way mountain ranges stretch far & away. Our true being knows this from the beginning of creation, our "meant to be" ...before that darned Eve screwed it up!

yeah, and the pastor expanded,too, upon the fact that Eve was just hanging out by that tree when she was tempted. she just kept looking at , staring at that beautiful fruit. never mind all of the safe delicious fruit in the rest of the garden.and so the longer she looked the more tempted she became, until.....well, you know the story. the lesson being that we just cant keep staring at & thinking about the forbidden fruit.or eventually we will guys with pornography. and hanging around unsavory people (unless you are ministering to them).

it was also mentioned that we do not need to experience evil to understand true.

case in point..
think about all the times you've chosen the forbidden fruit. it causes pain. this might be greed , adultery, unforgiveness,'s all bad. and we don"t need to chose it.we can chose good.
i thought this would be a very appropriate thing to ponder, even for a yoga -ish blog. Yoga itself is about obtaining the bliss -like state, the nirvana, we were created for. when we chose the good it gets us ever closer to that state.
so, i was grateful for the enlightenment .

And now i can finally put my finger on why that gorgeous full moon gets to me everytime.


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