Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sex----in the City

Here it is...the pic of our campsite. Finally, i was able to upload it!

Now , my friend & i are thinking of our next raft trip to try out the whitewater in a kayak for this spring.An exciting prospect indeed. But this time , i am planning the menu! because although there was a lot of planning and forethought put into our menu by my friend, it turns out his tastes are on the "tangy" side. Mine are relatively bland- steamed vegs, chicken tenders, fresh fruit- with no sauces or seasoning...maybe salt/pepper.

Today's Everyday Adventure:Doing something you do everyday in a new & different way.It can be taking out the trash, putting on your make-up or driving to the gas station. An easy way to mix it up is to do these things while concentrating on your breath. I like to do a series of Pranayama- there are quite a few ways . You can inhale to one count & exhale to another or make sure they are even. There's in through the nose out through the mouth. There's quick multiple inhales with a long slow exhale. Just about any combination. But concentrate. Another way to change the way you do your daily's is to wrap yourself with saran wrap before you get dressed for the day.(but i don't recommend this).

Sex in the city- where do i begin? Once upon a time i lived in the city..actually upon a few times. but the last time was with an ex( we'll call him "t").

I, to this day, consider "t" "the love of my life". There are so many reasons why that is.Our relationship began at a time in my life when i was incredibly debilitated . I was in the process of a separation from a physically and emotionally abusive man. I was living out in the boonies (hiding out from the abuser) in a one room shack. I met "t" at a bar when i was dragged out by some sympathetic friends one night."T" called me 17 times the next day before i got back to him( i was really scared to get anyone involved with my mess, not to mention distrustful) and our 4 year love affair began.I moved to the city within a month of our introduction. "T" helped me in so many ways- laying down tile in my kitchen to suprise me while i was at work. Meeting with my ex- abuser to recover my puppy(the abuser was using it as a manipualtive tool). Helping with my move, and taking me out to the movies in between. But more than that-he whispered beautiful words in my ear late at night in the dark. He spent time lying on the roof with me just looking at the stars, he listened to me talk when i needed to,and held me when i was sad.When he moved in months later, he constantly did little things to suprise, help or comfort me-too many to name . And eventually, i learned to let him make me laugh.In fact , he 's the inspiration for and inventor of the Funfactor .The actual sex began with all of that.And never ended.(Well, physically it did ...when we split, but the feelings i remember live on).Even when our clothes were on i felt like we were lying together initimately in a way i had ever known with anyone. He made love to my mind and soul without ever touching my body.Still today i consider this the best sex i ever had.

Later , when we split, i felt like my insides were coming out all over the floor most of the time.I moved away to the country and for one year i spent alot of time in self-destructive mode before deciding to do some soul-searching. I finally made peace with myself, stopped hating "t" for leaving and eventually met my current husband- our sex in the country post is upcoming.

What i learned from this is that there's a person in each of our lives that we will never forget. Someone who makes our insides quake and our toes curl. Sometimes it lasts forever, sometimes only awhile. But we never forget the feelings they brought out in us."T" and i are still good friends and always will be. We care deeply for one another on a whole new level.But that couldnt have happened if i had not been willing to let go in the beginning or at the end. Thats the key. Life plays an unfair game and sometimes you just gotta forfeit.

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