Monday, September 1, 2008

Politically Incorrect

I truly almost cannot tolerate TV anymore. I mean i could truly live without one and not even care. In fact, I did'nt even know about hurricane Katrina for like, 2 weeks after the event, or that bombing years ago. I heard about that listening to a conversation at the grocery store.

These days i try to stay abreast of news at times, but usually it's so awful, i wish i hadnt.

I wish we could just get rid of our TV's and reduce the noise pollution . We'd save hundreds a year on satellite TV charges, too.

So, now that i got that off my chest. Let's delve into my weekend.Despite my husband reducing me to tears in the morning and dragging my son out of bed to lecture him,he wound up giving him the car keys to his 2008 car to run for party supplies.(???) ,The party was a great success-- Lots of people, food , and even fireworks at the end---(the cops were called by a lovely antisocial neighbor).I did have loads of clean up today though and was so exhausted i barely made it to work.Sorry i did'nt call, Secrets.

Todays FunFactor: Metamucil. did you know if you drink a serving right before a meal it will help you feel fuller faster & reduce your intake. So doing this while sipping water between bites should help you lose weight.Ok, i guess sucking down a fiber drink reputed to be for moving your bowels isnt most peoples idea of fun. But it sure beats dieting(which i HATE!)Especially with so many yummy left overs in my house.Besides that, it really doesnt make you just adds as much fiber as you'd get if you ate a perfectly healthy diet. Which no one really does, except liars.

Tonight i was peeved to find out that i was missing the cord to download pics from my digital camera to my computer. And speaking of pet peeves....

DISCLAIMER:some may find the following in opposition to their taste, beliefs, morals, or something else. Some may be downright offended. It is your choice to read on & i welcome all feed back. But you have been warned.


Is anyone else sick, sick, sick of hearing about the elections? I mean i think there's more to life than this. i really dont participate politically anyway. There are those who may rant about how i dont have a right to complain since i dont vote. i find that to be a real hoot. Of course i have the right to complain.We all do. Why elect some one to represent you based on promises they really dont have to(and rarely do) fulfill after they are elected . I say voting is an exercise in futility and at best gives people something to talk about at parties or at the watercooler.Hmmph..millions spent on campaigns that could actually go to feed the hungry, or pay for surgeries needed by children without insurance..

That being said, i have been inudated with politics at every corner as of late. And despite the fact that i dont watch TV, i have some information on the available candidates.

Excuse me. I have a choice of a black man who flip-flops on almost every issue or a white guy who will keep us at war for forever. Where's the democracy in that?it's like a choice between a PB sandwhich on Rye or pumpernickle, no jelly. Man...i'd almost rather just have a glass of water.
i think everyone who counts on obama to change things is going to have to face the saying "be careful what you wish for". On the other hand, with mccaine spending millions of dollars a day to fight overseas , well, we may not even have bread or PB someday.

So i guess i will take the Hippie/deserter way out. No voting , at least til it means something:)

Doin yoga instead...namaste!

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