Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Not for the spiritually Impovershed

During my yoga practice today, i found myself actually connecting with my body in ways i had previously only read about in Yoga books.For some reason most of this occured during my Down Dogs where i noticed how my breath was moving around in my chest .I could feel it expanding and traveling(a sensation) down through my entire abdominal & pelvic regions. The whole thing about yoga actually massaging your organs is totally true!

I was so blown away by it !And how it lead so naturally into this realization :(a moment of clarity, if you will).....

In the past 6-7 years or so( as my life has gotten increasingly "unsimple")my practical, serious self has prohibited me from experiencing any deep spiritual connection with my body.My inner dialogue has just been sitting there in a dark corner smoking a cigarette whispering "Get real. This is the kind of stuff only weirdos do & talk about. We both know there's no truth to it. Are we actually going to believe any of that bologney?"

Strange how that voice only reared it's ugly head as my life was getting more & more complicated, huh? Because i believed i needed it to function in a way society finds "normal" and "acceptable" i let no outside, unprovable entities into my thinking.

And that horrible little voice of reason stole away all of my introspection, creativity, and peace.

Today , an old voice decided it was time to reclaim it's previous space in my life. And it yelled out louder , stronger and more powerfully ---demanding to be heard!!
Now, i hope i have'nt scared away anybody because , seriously , i have'nt lost it or turned into some new age lunatic. But i am starting to rediscover something i used to own.


Myself that has a lot of work to do to get rid of barriers i've erected. Myself that needs to keep in mind that i am not the labels placed upon me by others in this world. Myself that cannot allow, for even one second, the belief that i am my emotions.

Don't go away yet.

I am just unclogging the drain.

So let's get back to familiar plumbing.

Todays' FunFactor:Coke & Mentos- Put 'em together in a plastic bottle, shake & stand back.Reminds me of an old science fair project i did, only better!P.s.- you might wanna have a mop or something handy.

On another note i want to let the readers know that somedays don't always seem like funfactor days. Like, almost everyone ,i struggle with finding joy more on some days.But usually by the end of the day , something turns up . Tonight , peace came with the night sky enjoyed through the sunroof of my car.And with that peace i was able to open up the smile inside.

It's a simple thing. And it's funny how in these moments that negative voice has nothing to say.

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