Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Nightmare on MY street

This is awful.I just found out there's a Megans law sex offender that lives ( until recently imprisoned) on our street. He had a "consensual"(yeah , right) relationship with a 15 year old boy.He's married with kids. Yes, it can happen anywhere. Here is the website..just type in your zip.http://www.pameganslaw.state.pa.us/SearchZip.aspx?dt=MCFCFDDL4ENGLNGJ4Ua.At our party, several of the neighbors (with kids )knew about it. it was in the paper. I guess there IS a reason to read the news, huh?

ok, now to other pleasantries...

FunFactor:driving around & down the highway , i look at the different types of cars & think of what their shape reminds me of. there are several that look like insects and, i , being strange, am in lust with them!lol! there's the beetle , of course. And there's the Prius.Looks an awful lot like a locust. I love it. The ford focus? a bee. i'm talkin about the hatchback. Then there's the whole animal kingdom ,too. like that one mazda that's a really cool sports type...looks like panthers head!which reminds me of how some people look like animals. So many look like owls.

Also, did you know that Dum Dums has out a great line of creamy flavors? oh yeah!

Here's something to which i think everyone can relate, at least on some level, at some time. I'm talkin "Early Morning TV". By this i mean 2am to about 5am.Once in a while i run across a really cool movie like"Blood & Donuts" (a few years ago) but usually(and i do this for fun because , as previously stated , i don't really watch TV)when i am stuck with nothing else available(like no avail. plugs for my computer) there's an incredible line up of weirdness.

Lots & lots of infomercials.And a sprinkling of reruns. But the fun part is finding the truly tasteless(cage matches) & unusual(list to follow below). I just ran into a cable channel with no sound watching a portion of a street i use to work on. must've been a street camera. Now, i ask you, WHO is into watching THAT?It was nothing but cars going by. After about a half hour trying to figure out what the heck it was, i gave up & switched to...

"Face First"- apparently some kind of benefit country concert with a bunch of sweaty, beer belly men howling, i mean, belting out what could only be described as pitiful , somewhat drunken whining.And as a bonus--- with their shirts off.Like lard in a ziplock baggie. hmmm...NEXT.

Steve Wilko show.....no.

Wait! MeettheBloggers.org!!!On free speech tv!Let's keep going! I'm excited....

Spanish Soap operas.An interesting debate about concerns over patents of cloning rights.Poker.Pogo stick olympics.Religious tv. Gimme a break!This is ridiculous. And people actually PAY for this programming.And now, a guy meets guy dating show. Well, THAT's not for me, anyway!

I did like the thinkport channel though, the one with the cloning debate.At least its educational!

Well,folks...sorry this one was pretty boring. I'll try to come up with some new material .Maybe i'll report back on the " Startling Star Couples story"....Stay tuned!

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