Monday, September 22, 2008

People Collecting

My new years goal this year was a little different than every other year. It was to commit to spending more time with people than things. The reason this goal came about was probably due to the extreme burn out i was experiencing from the dizzying year of appointments and unecessary stressors i created for myself.By the time the New year started i was already ill with my first bout of laryingitis. an array of medical terribles followed ,including a second round of laryngitis, a severe gastric virus, more arthritis ,a sleep disorder, increased allergy/sinus problems, etc. This is not the normal me.

i came top realize that all the stressors of the previous year had come to roost in my body, as i knew they eventually would.Hence, before i even got started on dealing & healing, i knew something had to change and my goal was born.

to be sure it has been an enlightening, relaxing and wonderful acheivement.just by making it a goal, my life has chamged drastically.i feel more connected to life, the human part of it, and consequencially , connected on the inside.
how have i accomplished this? i'm glad you asked.

i simply began.

i just called some people up & scheduled some time with them.i thought about places i wanted to go and things i wanted to do and made plans, including in the plans either a freind, spouse, child, parent , sibling, or neighbor(s).when i had no one to tag along or to tag along with, i went alone and made a point to meet people.No "being afraid". No "loner" stuff. Forget about shyness.

Be the wolf. Not the sheep. Not the shepherd. My daughter remembers me bringing her up by that motto. i had quite forgotten it. Let it go about 5 years ago .It means "get in, get what you want , and get out."She didnt know about that. She thought it meant "eat the sheep".lol.if my meaning still isnt clear to you here, let me use modern terminology-"step outside the box" , "get out of your comfort zone", "just do it",etc....getting the picture now?This was just my personal way of phrasing it. It's easy to say you dont have time for these things(people) and staying stuck in your hide-out, away from any personal risk taking. But are you living? or just existing?

I went to farmers markets, met friends for coffee, went to a winery and danced, took my mom to places she'd never been, booked a vacation for extended family and even took 2 extra teens(!), i took a ropes course,stopped in "unannounced", had people over for dinners and cookouts or just a drink, hosted a block party(bigger each year!),hosted and attended buncos , stayed at a historic inn and mingled with ski folk, got massages,went to a dinner theater,and many , many other things i would not have had "time" for last year , the time i spent running in circles unpleasantly, the time that led to more downtime.

I simply said"yes".
To myself, to people.
and what have i gotten out of it? a life truly enriched,with less ailments, a boatload of culture, some new freinds and an insatiable appetite for more of the same. Namaste!

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