Saturday, September 13, 2008


Another part of the new canvas...

But anyway,

Tonight is an odd night. In an odd week i'm having. All of the cases i've been to this week were having unusual illness or when i got there , something was out of its usual order.All of them made me groan. But tonight, two things out of the ordinary (at least)didnt make me groan . i talked to a colleague i havent spoken with in a few weeks. And i ran across an interesting blog concerning a topic near & dear to my heart: litter.

Now, on the first score, my colleague and i (whom i will refer to as "s") began to discuss the topic of "ethics". basically this occurred as part of a nursing conversation about recent exam stuff. And strangely, simultaneously i realized 2 things. I stated to "s" that i tend to feel that persons who were oppinionated (myself and "s") are, in my mind ,more stable.I never realized i thought that way which finally explains why , if i were forced at gunpoint to vote this year, i would have to choose McCain. Even though i almost totally disagree with all he stands for . It also explains why, all these years , my mates tend to be those who are very stubborn and my friends tend to be those who are more flexible & open minded....but NOT ever wishy-washy(THAT i cannot abide). I chose all those stubborn , set in their ways mates because i thought if i tried hard enough i could get them to see another side of things.

that never worked.

On to the other topic.The blog i was reading was actually about peace (another fav topic of mine). It was asking questions about the ways we express & seek peace in this world. The blogger had a list of 4 things including picking up litter! ahhh...a woman after my own heart!i have often sat in deep ponderance about how if people would just realize how depressing and anti-motivating it is to have to see or live around litter, maybe they would do something about it (all the while knowing that it was just a fantasy ---those people probably wouldnt do anything about it.)and how would those people who do the littering like it if we drove by their homes and just threw trash in their window. Animals deal with this everyday!

But, seriously, cleaning up litter is an act of world peace , people. That's a no-brainer.I do it all the time. Even on vacation i take at least one morning to pick up litter in the area. It seems to me a vacation is much more fulfilling when we are doing something to help the greater good. no matter how big or how small.and here's another plug- eat locally. smile at those you would normally ignore.and read a book once in a while, for pete's sake.these things can go a long way.

ok my Everyday Adventure today: Instead of going to a local fair as planned today because of the rain, our family decided to spontaneously go out to eat at a local Wegmans. The faire at this place is abundant and diverse.I was able visit many culinary cultures without even leaving the county!Although the local fair would have been a first for my husband, i think we did a good thing. It forced us to eat together for a change and since my son & his friend had never been there before it was a new experience for them. They were bowled over by the impressive and extensive selection. My tastey travels included the countries of japan, the middle east and mexico, as well as some tropical locals.All within a few thousand feet of each other!

So,eat up & enjoy!

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